Is raft or brim better for 3D printing?

Dive into 3D Printing Layers: Skirts, Brims & Rafts Unveiled!


Hey there, tech enthusiasts! It’s Carolina, your tech-loving writer who’s always eager to delve into the vast world of gadgets and innovations. Today, we’re navigating the intricate universe of 3D Printing, and I’m here to demystify some terms you’ve likely stumbled upon – Skirts, Brims, and Rafts.

Remember the first time you heard of these terms? It’s like a new language, right? But guess what? They’re not that complicated. These tools serve specific purposes in the 3D printing realm. They’re all about setting the stage for a perfect print. Whether it’s prepping the nozzle with a Skirt, ensuring an unshakeable base with a Brim, or securing a rock-solid foundation with a Raft, they’re indispensable in getting top-notch results.

In today’s guide, we’re diving deep into the foundational techniques that elevate the quality of your 3D prints. By the end, you’ll be fluent in the language of Skirts, Brims, and Rafts!

The Base Layer Lowdown: Why It’s Super Crucial

The commencement of any 3D print is paramount! This base layer paves the way, ensuring your hard work doesn’t go to waste by consuming time or filament unnecessarily. Skirts, Rafts, and Brims are the trio that guarantees your 3D prints get the best kickstart. They ensure smooth filament flow post base-layer placement and apt adhesion. Specifically, think of the Skirt as the warm-up act, ensuring your nozzle is set for a stellar performance. On the other hand, Brims and Rafts are the main acts, ensuring the stage (print bed) is ready for the show!

Skirt in 3D Printing: The Perfect Primer

So, what’s the scoop with the Skirt? It’s essentially a filament ring encircling your model. This can be adjusted in your slicer software. Its primary mission? Getting that filament flowing like a charm before the main event kicks off. And the beauty of it? It’s like that warm-up stretch – useful anytime!

When to opt for a Skirt?
– To streamline the filament flow for the core printing.
– Anytime really, given its minimal filament consumption.
– To fine-tune the printing bed for the 3D rendition.

Your settings hub for Skirts, Brims, & Rafts is right under ‘Build Plate Adhesion’ in Cura.

Settings for Skirt fans in Cura:
– Build Plate Adhesion Type: Skirt
– Skirt Line Count: 3
– Skirt Distance: 10.00mm
– Skirt/Brim Minimum Length: 250.00mm

Brim in 3D Printing: The Ultimate Anchor

Imagine a Brim as a protective aura around your model. It’s dedicated to ensuring your model stays grounded. Essentially, it’s a set of skirts hugging your model, boosting build plate adhesion.

When is Brim your best bud?
– To combat warping, especially when ABS filament plays a part.
– To ensure a stellar platform grip.
– For models demanding solid platform bonding.
– Supporting designs with a minuscule base.

Cura Settings for the Brim believers:
– Build Plate Adhesion Type: Brim
– Brim Width: 8.00mm
– Brim Line Count: 5
– Brim Only on Outside: Unchecked
– Skirt/Brim Minimum Length: 250.00mm
– Brim Distance: 0

Raft in 3D Printing: The Sturdy Foundation

Picture a Raft as a protective cushion below your model. It’s about safeguarding your design from temperature influences and laying a robust foundation.

When should you sail with a Raft?
– To fortify hefty 3D creations.
– To stave off warping mishaps.
– When your print plays hard-to-get with the build plate.
– Especially with sleek platforms like glass.
– For towering designs needing staunch support.
– For designs with fragile bases.

Cura Settings for the Raft enthusiasts:
– Build Plate Adhesion Type: Raft
– Raft Air Gap: 0.3mm
– Raft Top Layers: 2
– Raft Print Speed: 40mm/s

Filament & Time in Skirts, Brims & Rafts: The Overview

Each choice, be it a Skirt, Brim, or Raft, impacts your material usage. The Skirt, being the dainty outline, is a filament saver. The Brim, encompassing your design multiple times, claims a bit more. The Raft, playing the robust foundation role, consumes the most, especially with broad bases.

Visualizing with a chic vase, 60 x 60 x 120mm:
– Raft – 60g
– Brim – 57g – 3 Hours 33 Minutes – Brim Width: 8mm, Count: 20
– Skirt – 57g – 3 Hours 32 Minutes – Count: 3

For a picturesque leaf, 186 x 164 x 56mm:
– Raft – 83g – 8 Hours 6 Minutes
– Brim – 68g – 7 Hours 26 Minutes – Brim Width: 8mm, Count: 20
– Skirt – 66g – 7 Hours 9 Minutes – Count: 3

The difference in material and time can be quite palpable!

Personal Preference Call

For my fellow 3D printing adventurers, always consider the Skirt. It’s like your trusty sidekick, prepping the stage. As for Brims & Rafts, they’re your elite tools, especially for grand projects. The peace of mind they offer, ensuring the print remains intact, is gold! Even if it takes a tad more time or filament, the assurance they provide is unbeatable!