Why is my 3D pen not heating up?

3D drawing tools, like our much-loved 3D pens, can occasionally hiccup. But don’t fret! I’m here to walk you through some straightforward solutions to get your 3D pen back in action. These gadgets, though simpler than their cousins, the 3D printers, have their quirks. Dive in, and let’s troubleshoot your 3D pen challenges together!


Steps to Purify a 3D Pen’s Nozzle
Guidance on Detaching a 3D Pen Nozzle
Resolving 3D Pen Motor Malfunctions – Addressing Non-feeding Issues
What to Do If Your 3D Pen Doesn’t Warm Up
Clearing a Jammed 3D Pen – Extracting Stuck Filament
Press Through Obstructions with Fresh Filament
Dismantling & Sprucing Up Your 3D Pen

Steps to Purify a 3D Pen’s Nozzle
To embark on this cleaning journey:

– First, gently detach the cable linked to your 3D pen, ensuring the motor remains intact.
– With a trusty screwdriver, pop open the 3D pen’s rear section, then unhitch the red and black cables from its circuitry.
– Unfasten the screws guarding the circuit board and gently lift the motor out.
– Now, separate the filament passage from the motor by unscrewing its secure points.
– The nozzle is next in line. To get to it, ease off the plastic shield by pressing the two buttons at your 3D pen’s end.
– Having done that, give your nozzle a good clean, and you’re set to reassemble your 3D gadget!

Guidance on Detaching a 3D Pen Nozzle
Eager to change or check your nozzle? Follow along:

– Begin by meticulously parting the segments of your 3D pen. A combination of a screwdriver and a flat plastic tool should be your companions here. Exercise caution, as the inner workings are delicate.
– For those with the popular MYNT3D model, slip the flat tool into the tiny slot to open the back cover gently. The remaining cover can be pried open by hand.
– Use your screwdriver to untighten the screws that bind the nozzle. If the nozzle seems stubborn, gently rotate until it’s free.

As an alternative, you can detach the nozzle without taking the 3D pen apart:
– Grasp your 3D pen with one hand and clutch the nozzle base with the other, using your thumb and index finger.
– Push down on the base until it’s lower than the frontal cover.
– Slide your fingers towards the pen’s tip and voilà, the nozzle comes off!

Resolving 3D Pen Motor Malfunctions
Encountering a non-responsive or sporadically feeding 3D pen? Here’s a potential fix:
– Dismantle your 3D pen to inspect its components. Are they correctly aligned, or do they show signs of wear and tear?
– A user with a DW-G2 model noticed a misbehaving motor. A simple rubber spacer placed beneath the motor rectified its erratic movement.
– Another MYNT3D Pro user found the pen warming up but emitting minimal plastic. Upon reaching out to customer service, a faulty nozzle was identified as the culprit. If you notice irregular temperature readings, a damaged thermistor might be to blame.

What to Do If Your 3D Pen Doesn’t Warm Up
Warmth is essential for these pens to function. If yours isn’t heating:

– Start by addressing any filament obstructions. A fellow techie with a 7 tech model noticed a persistent red warning light due to a filament jam.
– If you’re a proud owner of a MYNT3D model, and it isn’t heating:
– Press the feeding button to initiate heating.
– Double-check power cable connections and the display.
– Should there be no display, consider switching to a different USB adapter.
– If the heating doesn’t commence, a nozzle replacement might be in order.
– Lastly, always plug directly into a power outlet rather than a secondary source like a laptop.

Clearing a Jammed 3D Pen
A clog can be frustrating, but here are ways to address it:

– Heat the pen and introduce fresh filament, pushing the obstruction out. This technique has proven useful, especially with older 3Doodler models.
– If the filament seems thin or isn’t flowing right, it’s time for a deeper clean