What Types of SLA Resin Are There For 3D Printing?

Oh, the exciting realm of resin 3D printing! Dive in with me, Carolina, your tech-savvy buddy, as we unwrap the vibrant layers of the resin universe. Once, I believed it was all about just a single kind of resin. But oh, was I in for a surprise! This dynamic sphere has myriad types, each with their sizzling characteristics.


In this article, we’re zooming into Standard Resin, Clear Resin, Tough Resin, Flexible Resin, Water-Washable Resin, Dental Resin, and more. Plus, I’ve handpicked some of the top brands that make my tech heart skip a beat. So grab a coffee, and let’s roll!

Which Resins Are Popular in 3D Printing?
– Standard Resin
– Clear Resin
– Tough Resin
– Flexible Resin
– Water-Washable Resin
– Dental Resin
– Ceramic-Infused Resin

Resin Brands You Wouldn’t Want to Miss
– Anycubic
– Elegoo
– Siraya Tech

Does Every 3D Printer Support Resin Printing?
Only certain 3D printers, especially those with UV capabilities, can handle resin. Want to get into the nitty-gritty? Jump into my detailed guide about the techy world of SLA, MSLA, and DLP 3D printing! ️

How Much Do We Invest in Resin for 3D Printing?
Prices swing between $30 to $300 per KG, with brands like Formlabs and Uniz being on the pricier side. But hey, remember, quality often comes at a price, and some of these resins are absolute game-changers!

Filament vs. Resin: Which is Lighter on the Pocket?
Undoubtedly, filament printing is more wallet-friendly. With filament, you can start as low as $20 for a 1kg spool. While SLA 3D printing dishes out mind-blowing quality, it does ask for a bit more from your tech budget.

What’s the Science Behind Resin in 3D Printing?
Resin, the superstar here, is a photopolymer. It’s not your usual epoxy resin. Instead, it’s a magical potion that transforms from liquid to plastic under UV light’s spell. And the most loved shade in this universe? Definitely the versatile gray!

Come along with me as we explore more about file types, the safety of UV Resin, the finest resin filters, and so much more. As your tech trainee, Carolina, I promise to keep it sizzling, informative, and totally worth your while!