Unlocking the Secret: Top Glue Choices for PLA, ABS & PETG Prints!

Carolina here, with another thrilling piece on the world of tech and gadgets that I simply can’t get enough of. Dive in with me, dear reader, as we traverse the intricate landscape of 3D printing and discover the absolute best ways to bond those prints when they don’t quite stay together.


So, You’ve Got a 3D Print Issue? Ever found your 3D prints slightly loose or unhinged, making you curious about how to mend them seamlessly? I know I have! With a plethora of bonding choices available, the real question is, which adhesive triumphs when it comes to 3D printing materials? Hang tight, and let’s unravel this together.

Glues Galore: 3D Printing Adhesive Showdown! The digital aisles are bursting with glue options for 3D printing enthusiasts. But which is the real champion? Whether you’re a PLA fan or an ABS enthusiast, I’ve curated a list that’s tailored just for you.

For the PLA Aficionados: The clear winner for PLA prints has to be superglue. It’s efficient, offers a robust bond, and lets be honest, it’s every DIYer’s go-to! Yet, don’t just stop there. Both Epoxy Resin and 3D Gloop have showcased some impressive results, especially for those larger-than-life prints. Oh, and a sneaky pro-tip for you: for an extra grip, consider a Hot Glue Gun or the classic Soldering Iron technique.

All About ABS: While superglue is a reliable ally, nothing bonds ABS quite like a rich blend of ABS Juice, Glue, or Slurry. Oh, and did I mention Epoxy? It’s water-resistant properties make it a formidable contender.

PETG’s Best Buds: With PETG, I’ve seen wonders with a simple Two-Part Epoxy. And if you’re in the mood to experiment, why not try the Hot Glue Gun or even a Soldering Iron for those pesky areas?

For the Flexible TPU: Flexibility demands a unique touch. For TPU, a Flexible Superglue like the one from Loctite is a game-changer. And if you’re feeling adventurous, give DMF (N-Dimethylformamide) or THF (Tetrahydrofuran) a whirl!

Navigating Nylon: Now, Nylon can be a tad tricky. My best bet? A good ol’ Hot Glue Gun! And if you’re keen on joining parts, perhaps a Soldering Iron or even a 3D Printing Pen could come in handy.

The Miniature Question: Ah, 3D printed miniatures, a realm of endless possibilities! To hold these tiny marvels together, trust me, the best adhesive in the game is Cyanoacrylate or good old superglue. It’s like magic in a bottle.

Joining PLA Filament: Have leftover filament strands? Fear not! With a nifty trick using a PTFE tube and a lighter, you can seamlessly bond them end-to-end. Just remember to exercise caution and safety first!

In the vast world of 3D printing, the right adhesive can elevate your creation to new heights. With these insights, I hope you’ll have those prints looking flawless in no time. Happy bonding!