Beginner’s Guide 2022: Top 3D Printers You Can Trust!

Embarking on a 3D Printing Adventure? Here’s What You Need to Know!


When you’re diving into the thrilling realm of 3D printing, there’s a smorgasbord of critical elements to juggle. Consider aspects like cost, sturdiness, print pace, and above all, the sheer brilliance of the print itself. Oh, and don’t forget the machine’s potential to evolve and its footprint. Now, I’ve woven these quintessential elements into a guide to help budding 3D printing enthusiasts pick their very first, stellar 3D printer. Believe me, there’s nothing more disheartening than snagging a 3D printer only to spend endless hours battling assembly woes. Thus, I’ve handpicked printers that promise not just easy assembly but also deliver impeccable print results right from the get-go.

ADMonoprice Select Mini V2

Gauging by its cost and dimensions, you might underestimate this gem of a 3D printer. But oh boy, does it deliver! The real magic unfurls in its rapid print speed paired with stellar print quality. Before you even know it, you’ll be churning out exquisite prints. It’s compatible with a myriad of filament types – from standard PLA and ABS to the more nuanced ones like composite PLAs (wood-fill, copper-fill) and even Nylon. It sports a sleek, open frame design that’s perfect for any workstation, weighing a mere 1KG (2.2 Lbs). Ready-to-print out of the box, the Monoprice Select Mini V2 comes perfectly calibrated from the factory. Many novice 3D printing fans rave about its beginner-friendly nature, and there’s a vast reservoir of online resources to guide you every step of the way.

Extra Info:
– Periodically check the heated bed wiring to ensure it remains in top shape.
– A handful of users noted power supply issues.
– The ‘settings knob’ requires a delicate touch for precise menu navigation.

ADELEGOO Mars UV 3D Printer

When most folks think 3D printing, they imagine FDM (Fusion Deposition Model) printing. But let me introduce you to the mesmerizing world of Resin 3D Printing. Fear not; it’s user-friendly once you’re acquainted. These printers, especially the ELEGOO Mars UV, are famed for producing intricately detailed models, often outperforming their FDM counterparts. Boasting a chic design and unmatched precision, it offers an interactive touchscreen experience all at a price that won’t dent your wallet. Quick to set up and even quicker to print, this beauty promises jaw-dropping results. Do note that resin printers entail slightly more post-print processing, so gear up for that.

Extra Info:
– Ensure proper orientation for successful prints.
– Always use the latest firmware for a hassle-free printing experience.
– There’s a vibrant online community ready to address any questions or concerns you might have.

ADFlashForge Finder Lite

Looking for unmatched value? The FlashForge Finder Lite is your best bet. It embraces simplicity, eschewing superfluous features. It’s meticulously designed for optimal PLA printing, with a unique cooling mechanism ensuring impeccable prints. The slide-in build plate simplifies the process of extracting your finished prints. And for those just stepping into the 3D printing realm, its intuitive bed leveling system is a godsend.

Extra Info:
– Supports a variety of printing materials.
– Comes equipped with 50g filament, glue stick, and an 8GB SD card.
– It’s a whisper-quiet machine with the fans being the loudest component.