Revopoint POP 2 3D Scanner: Unveiling the Real Verdict!

Hey, fellow tech enthusiasts! Carolina here, and I’m absolutely ecstatic to dive deep into the revamped Revopoint POP 2 Scanner and unravel its captivating features and upgrades. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the magic of 3D scanning, especially for those of you diving into 3D printing. Fasten your seatbelts as we delve into the specs, perks, drawbacks, feedback from fellow users, and of course, an in-depth unboxing and scanning session. Spoiler alert: I’ve got some scintillating 3D scanning and printing outcomes to unveil! So, let’s unleash the excitement and delve into the fascinating features!


Features of the Revopoint POP 2
– Binocular Micro-Structured Light – Awe-Inspiring Precision
– Robust 10Hz FPS
– Brilliant Global Exposure RGB Sensors
– Dual-Purpose 2-In-1 Handheld & Turntable Scanning
– Sleek, Compact & Featherweight
– Seamless Connectivity & Robust Power Bank

Specifications of the Revopoint POP 2
– Technology: Dual camera infrared structured light
– CPU: Dynamic Dual Core ARM Cortex-A7
– Single Capture Precision: Soaring up to 0.05mm
– Scan Speed: A nippy Up to 10 FPS
– Light Source: Intriguing 1 class infrared Laser 1
– Connector Swagger: Micro USB
and the list continues with its incredible technicalities!

Now, let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Binocular Micro-Structured Light – Exquisite Precision
Diving into the heart of the Revopoint POP 2, it harnesses an innovative type of light, the binocular micro-structured light, paving its way to scanning supremacy. Teaming up with their cutting-edge micro projecting chip, this duo empowers the POP 2 to swiftly capture 3D point cloud data without compromising accuracy. Prepare to be blown away with a single-frame precision scaling up to a staggering 0.05mm! It’s bursting with an upgraded projector and IR cameras, transcending the boundaries of traditional 3D scanners.

10Hz FPS
Speed is of the essence in 3D scanning, and the POP 2 doesn’t disappoint. With its capability to capture 10 frames per second, expect reduced glitches, smoother scans, and an overall streamlined scanning experience. A flawless scanning spree awaits you!

Global Exposure RGB Sensors
These aren’t just any sensors; they bring your 3D scans to life with mesmerizing color precision. The high-res sensor harmonizes perfectly with the depth camera, setting the stage for awe-inspiring 3D models. Think 3D animation, color 3D printing, and the immersive worlds of AR and VR.

2-In-1 Handheld & Turntable Scanning
Revopoint POP 2 champions versatility! Whether you’re in the mood for handheld scanning or prefer the turntable option, this nifty device has got you covered. Wave goodbye to clutter and say hello to precision, all in one compact design.

Compact & Lightweight
Engineered with YOU in mind, the POP 2 challenges the norms of conventional, bulky 3D scanners. Boasting a mere weight of 195g and an elegant design, it is a traveler’s best friend. And guess what? One USB cable is all it takes to power this beauty. 3D scanning on-the-go has never been easier!

Simple Connectivity & Mighty Power Bank
Linking to your device is a breeze, and guess what’s the cherry on top? A powerful 5,000 mAh power bank ensures you’re always in the game, scanning to your heart’s content!

Benefits of the Revopoint POP 2
– Wallet-friendly with premium scanner vibes
– Newbie-friendly user interface
– Swift assembly & setup
– Precision-rich scans with Revo Studio magic

Downsides of the Revopoint POP 2
Every rose has its thorns, right? Here are a few:
– Scanning intricate details like hair alongside facial features can be tricky.
– Super-micro scales might not be its strongest suit.
– A slight polish needed in the software user interface.

Tales from Fellow Users
Taking a sneak peek into the community, most feedback is oozing with positivity, emphasizing the scanner’s precision and user-friendliness. One user, a newbie to the 3D scanning world, was up and running in no time. Another, a vehicle dynamics trainee, found the POP 2 invaluable in reverse engineering projects.

Unboxing the Revopoint POP 2
Ah, the thrill of unboxing! The premium package is a sight to behold, complete with a stylish carrying case. Inside, it’s packed with all the essentials:

Standard Package
– POP 2 3D Scanner
– Tripod
– Quick Setup Kits
– Phone Holder
– 2-in-1 Mobile Cable

Premium Package adds:
– Carrying Case
– Power Bank
– Portable Turntable

Getting started is a cinch! Simply connect the cables, secure the tripod, and you’re off to the races!

Scanning with the Revopoint POP 2
Begin your scanning adventure by downloading the Revo Scan software. Once launched, plug in your Revopoint POP 2 scanner, and you’re in for a visual treat. The scanning process is intuitive, and the software offers multiple settings tailored to your needs.

Final Thoughts
Comparing my 3D printed model with the original, the results were nothing short of impressive. The intricacies, the precision, and the ease of use made the whole experience delightful. Whether it’s a sculpture, a piece of art, or a practical component, the Revopoint POP 2 stands tall as a versatile tool in your tech arsenal.

Till next time, techies! Keep experimenting and exploring!