Unveiling the Creality Halot-One Plus: 3D Printing Game-Changer?

Alright, Carolina is here, your tech-enthusiast and devoted writer, ready to dive deep into the universe of resin 3D printing! Let’s unveil what the talk of the town, the Creality Halot-One Pro, is truly about!


Creality is stepping up their game in the realm of resin 3D printing, introducing the sophisticated and much-hyped Creality Halot-One Pro. My tech-senses tingled, and I knew I had to plunge into its world and review its potential. In this deep dive, we’ll uncover its amazing features, robust specifications, key benefits, potential pitfalls, and genuine feedback from users. Plus, we’ll delve into its unboxing, leveling journey, and of course, the prowess of its printing quality. Join me in this tech-tour, and let’s get to know the Halot-One Pro better!

Key Features of the Halot-One Pro:
Mammoth 7.9 4K Monochrome LCD Display
– Unified Light Mechanism
– Exclusive Creality Cloud Integration
– Twin Linear Z-Axis Guide
– Vivid 5 HD Full Display Touch Panel
– Advanced ARMCortex-M4 Core
– Cross-Compatibility with Diverse Slicing Tools
– Integrated Odor Control System

Now, the Halot-One Pro boasts a whopping 7.9-inch 4K monochrome LCD display, an impressive growth of 73% in comparison to the standard 6-inch displays, empowering you to unleash larger, more intricate models.

The Unified Light Mechanism consists of a quintet of lights, each housing four emission modules, ensuring an even lighting of up to 90%. You’re ensured uninterrupted operation even with an LED hiccup!

Say hello to seamless remote printing with the Creality Cloud App. Pick, slice, tap, and print! Not to mention, you can oversee your printing journey in real-time. Handling your resin designs and monitoring them becomes a breeze with this tool.

The significance of the Twin Linear Z-Axis Guide is undeniable, especially for larger 3D printing ventures. They promise stability, ensuring triumph even for your most complex projects. No more worries about layer shifts – this machine has got it covered!

The 5-inch HD Full Display Touch Panel is your gateway to smooth operations, offering a clear preview of your model with a splash of vibrant colors. And yes, it caters to 14 global languages.

Speed and efficiency? Courtesy of the ARMCortex-M4 Core equipped with a 64-bit QuCore CPU/GPU, your 3D printing sessions are supercharged!

When it comes to slicing tools, the Halot-One Pro plays well with the likes of Halot Box, Lychee Slicer, and ChiTuBox. A minor hiccup I faced was with Lychee Slicer, but switching to ChiTuBox smoothed things out.

To make your printing environment pleasant, there’s an inbuilt Odor Control System. It uses activated charcoal to minimize resin odors, ensuring a more comfortable workspace.

Technical Specifications of the Halot-One Pro:
– Build Area: 172102160mm 7.9 inches
– XY Resolution: 4320 x 2560 (4K)
– XY Precision: 0.04mm
– Print Speed: 1-4s/layer
– Layer Clarity: 0.01-0.2mm
– Control Panel: 5-Inch Touch Panel
– Illumination: Unified Light Mechanism (Wavelength 405nm)
– Input Voltage: 100-240Va.c 50/60Hz
– Power Usage: 100W
– Dimensions: 236 x 243 x 418mm
– Weight: Net – 6.8kg | Gross – 8.6kg
– Print Technique: USB drive, Creative Cloud

Perks of Owning the Halot-One Pro:
– Intuitive, perfect for novices and pros
– Expansive creation arena for bigger designs
– Front-positioned USB port for easy reach
– Precision prints with 4K display and twin rails
– Efficient odor management for a pleasant ambiance
– Pre-print file duplication allowing mid-print modifications
– Generous 650ml resin vat

Minor Gripes with the Halot-One Pro:
– The dark-tinted cover hinders clear visibility
– The need to reload and reverify files before each print

Voices from the Tech Community:
The feedback for the Halot-One Pro is largely positive. Newbies and veterans alike appreciate its user-friendly nature, enabling swift setup and operations. Many laud the spacious print area, especially considering resin printers are notorious for their smaller build plates. The ease of access with a front USB port, the precision brought by dual rails, and the sharpness of the 4K LCD display have been well-received.

Unboxing & Setting Up the Halot-One Pro:
The unboxing is a delight, thanks to its pre-assembled state. Everything is meticulously packed, ensuring each component’s safety. The package includes the Halot-One Pro, build plate, resin vat, metal scraper, plastic scraper, filters, power cord, and a fixing kit (with Allen Keys).

Calibrating the Halot-One Pro:
Calibration is straightforward, mirroring most resin printers. Simply place the calibration paper on the display, adjust the build plate using the guiding screws, and follow the on-screen instructions. Ensure the paper is flat, tighten the screws sequentially, and voila! You’re set!

Printing Mastery with the Halot-One Pro:
– Captain Jack Sparrow: Featured within the Creality Cloud App, this model is an epitome of intricate detail. Although it consumes a good amount of resin, the result is mesmerizing.

– Devil Cat: Also within the Creality Cloud App, this model showcases the machine’s precision, yielding a sleek finish.

– Venom Half Face: A design by a renowned artist. The depth and detail of the design showcase the machine’s prowess immaculately.

– Horse: A design from Thingiverse, it captures the intricate detailing in the mane and physique flawlessly.