Unveiling Bibo 2 Touch: A Must-Read 3D Printer Deep Dive Review!

Introducing the Spectacular Bibo Dual Extruder: Not just another 3D printer, but a game-changer in the vast universe of printing wonders! With its remarkable functionalities, it’s not just a choice—it’s the choice. The makers, with immense dedication and precision, designed this 3D printer to cater to every 3D printing trainee’s dream.


Behold, the Bibo 2 Touch! Its design screams innovation, and the meticulous effort that went into its crafting is evident. A rising star in the 3D printing realm, it’s selling like hotcakes on platforms like Amazon!

Dive deep into what makes the Bibo 2 Touch 3D Printer spectacular:
– Full-Color Touch Display: An exquisite touch of professionalism, combined with user-friendliness. It’s not just a display—it’s a canvas!
– Wi-Fi Control: Imagine 3D printing from your comfy couch through your smartphone. Dreamy, right?
– Removable Heated Bed: Convenience at your fingertips with this pre-leveled heated marvel.
– Open Source 3D Printer: Freedom to play with multiple software, from Cura to Repetier Host. The world of software is your oyster!
– Copy Printing: Double the fun with simultaneous object printing. Efficiency and coolness, wrapped in one feature.
– Dual Extruder – Two-Color Printing: Think dual colors, think material versatility (hello, PLA, ABS, PETG, and more). A splash of colors without the constant filament change? That’s the dream!
– High-Quality Frame: Sturdiness and precision interwoven into a single, powerful frame.
– Removable Enclosed Cover: Control temperature like a maestro, while achieving exceptional print performance.
– Filament Detection: A thoughtful touch, ensuring you never lose your masterpiece midway.
– Power Resume Function: Power cut? No worries! Bibo’s got your back, resuming right from where it left.
– Bibo 2 Touch Laser: Adding a zing of versatility to the printer world.
– Removable Glass Surface: A temperature-friendly platform for diverse printing materials.
– Enclosed Print Chamber: A controlled environment for those meticulous print jobs.
– Laser Engraver: From wood to cardboard, engrave away with style and precision.
– Powerful Cooling Fans: Ensuring a cool ambiance for those long, extensive print tasks.
– Power Detection: Long printing tasks? Power interruptions won’t break your stride.

Quick Specs Peek:
– Tech: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
– Setup: Partially assembled beauty
– Arrangement: Cartesian magic with XY head
– Size: 214 x 186 x 160 mm of creative space
– Fuel System: Direct drive champion
– Extruders: A dynamic duo!
– Nozzle: 0.4 mm precision

Unboxing the Bibo 2 Touch: It’s not just a 3D printer; it’s a treasure chest. Inside you’ll find the 3D Printer, Wi-Fi Module, Laser Engraving Module, Cover Kit, SD Card, Glass Print Bed, USB, Glue Stick, Allen Wrench Set, and 1 kg of PLA Filament.

Why the Bibo 2 Touch Shines:
– Versatility: From dual-color printing to using dissolvable filament.
– Sturdy Metal Frame: Stability redefined.
– User Experience: A full-color touchscreen and impeccable customer support.
– Innovations: Wi-Fi controls, copy printing feature, and so much more!

A Few Considerations:
While the Bibo 2 Touch is phenomenal, its build space might feel a bit limited for some.

Customer Chatter:
From 3D printing newbies to veterans, the accolades for Bibo 2 Touch are endless. It’s celebrated for its ease of use, top-notch tech support, splendid print quality, and competitive price tag.