Is SLA resin better than FDM?

In the ultra-modern tech universe we’re part of today, 3D printing solutions have become increasingly multifaceted. There’s a kaleidoscope of choices today ranging from capabilities, tech advancements, material compatibility, to features. This piece delves into SLA & FDM 3D printing, guiding your decision-making journey. Both are dominant, efficient techniques in the 3D printing realm. In the debate between resin and filament 3D printing, I, Carolina, a tech trainee, urge newbies to go for the filament 3D printer (FDM). It’s a more straightforward initiation to the 3D printing universe. Once you’ve mastered the basics and crave enhanced quality, pivot towards resin 3D printers (SLA).


Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) revolves around a unique thermoplastic material. Heated until liquified, it’s then methodically layered to forge high-caliber, meticulous prints. On the contrary, Stereolithography Apparatus (SLA) employs a photopolymer or liquid resin, solidified using UV light, producing top-tier, ultra-detailed creations. Dive deeper into the worlds of FDM and SLA for a more insightful understanding of their vastness.

How FDM Functions
How SLA Works
SLA & DLP 3D Printing
Merits & Drawbacks of FDM Printing
The Advantages
The Disadvantages
Merits & Drawbacks of SLA Printing
Advantages of SLA Printing
Disadvantages of SLA Printing
A Head-to-Head Matchup: FDM vs SLA
Cost Analysis: FDM vs SLA Printing
Post-Processing and User-friendliness
Quality Showdown: FDM vs SLA

Elite FDM Printers
Creality Ender 3 Pro is an ingenious product from the globally renowned Creality. For just under $300, this masterpiece is a jewel for both novices and seasoned experts. Its predominant allure is its unbeatable price point. Yet, it’s brimming with features typically absent in pricier models, making it an irresistible proposition.

QIDI Tech X-Plus, embodying stellar printing finesse, costs around $1000 but offers unrivaled benefits. Compatible with an array of thermoplastics, it’s an epitome of robustness and adaptability.

Stellar SLA Printers
Anycubic Photon S, debuting in 2019, swiftly ascended as an SLA champ. For a mere $500, this gem from China promises and delivers much beyond its tag.

ELEGOO Mars is a game-changer in affordability. Costing just below $300, it’s a luxury machine offering high-tier results. With its polished design and straightforward operation, ELEGOO Mars is genuinely unbeatable value for money.