Unlock 3D Magic: Essential Accessories for Top Printing!

Hey there, tech fans! It’s Carolina here, your go-to gal for all things tech, especially when it comes to 3D printing. Let’s dive right into my top recommendations and trusted accessories for 3D printers. Believe me, these can be game-changers!


Material Protection Kits
Now, one thing that often slips under the radar is how you store your filaments. Unkempt filaments can lead to unfortunate issues like snags, blockages, and diminished layer bonding. A super simple remedy? Keep them in a humidity-free zone.

Circle & Seal Storage Keeper – 2.5L Transparent
One stellar pick is the Circle & Seal Storage Keeper – a 2.5L transparent box. It’s thoroughly sealed! My pro-tip: toss in a sachet of desiccant beads to keep things extra dry.

DRYMAX Ultimate Filament Guard
For the dedicated 3D print lovers, I’m eyeing the DRYMAX Ultimate Filament Guard. Trust me, it’s worth every penny, especially with all those glowing reviews. This isn’t just a box; it’s a multifunctional filament guardian. It:
– Dries your filament at your set temp
– Has robust heat resistance
– Can rotate and heat simultaneously, allowing concurrent 3D printing
– Effectively dehumidifies even the most sensitive filaments
– Is sleek, efficient, and quick to operate

If you’re printing round-the-clock, this gem will save you from so many print mishaps. Ideal for filaments like PETG, which despise moisture!

Automatic Print Bed Calibration Device
Step up your game with the 3DPress touch device – designed to set your print bed at the perfect level. Say goodbye to stressing over that initial layer! A bit on the pricier side, but think of the future convenience. It:
– Flashes an alert LED for any hiccups during tests or use
– Offers top-notch accuracy in measuring bed tilt
– Works wonders on diverse bed materials, be it glass, timber, or metal

Do note: select the version that fits your specific 3D printer. For instance, there’s one for Creality 3D models and another for Geeetech ones. The universally compatible BLTouch just needs some wiring (there are handy online tutorials!). Ensure your control board has some extra pins for setup.

A heads-up: the included cable might be short, so consider getting an extension based on your printer setup.

3D Printing Tips
A tip (pun intended!): quality nozzles can redefine your 3D printing. Often, stock nozzles don’t cut it. I’m loving the BRASSMASTER 22-Piece Nozzle Collection. Robust brass, M6 threading, and fuss-free installation.

In the set, you’ll find:
– 22 MK8 nozzles in seven dimensions: 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, and 1.0mm – all tailored for 1.75mm filament.

Word of caution: If you’re using the Prusa I3, you might want to reconsider, given the stock nozzle’s unique design.

3D Printer Stabilizing Coils
The BRASSMASTER Compression Coils (16 Pack) are gold! Designed to keep your printing bed perfectly level, they’re a prime pick for top-notch prints. Although budget-friendly options exist, don’t compromise on these springs’ quality. Plus, their customer support? Top-notch!

Fit for most 3D printers, they minimize your bed-leveling frequency. Installation is a breeze, taking around five minutes. A tiny tweak: you might have to adjust your z-axis endpoint since the bed height will slightly increase.

3D Printing Surface
The bed you print on? A game-changer. A frontrunner in this domain is magnetic surfaces. I’m all in for the MAGNAPRINT Flex & Stick Printing Layer. Offered in multiple sizes, it’s won rave reviews.

– Nails the initial layer every time
– Bendy design for effortless print removal
– Simple to set up
– Stays rock-solid during prints

One shared gripe in the 3D print community? Prints adhering too well to beds. This magnetic surface is your dual answer, saving you hours and filament costs! A worthy splurge.