Simple Phrozen Sonic Mini Review

PhozTech hails from Taiwan and is renowned for its distinctively crafted printers boasting outstanding features. The PhozTech Sonic Pro is an epitome of the brand’s innovation, delivering superb print quality at a blazing fast pace. With an optimum blend of affordability and excellence, the devices from this brand not only dominate the market due to their budget-friendly offerings but also due to their exceptional competencies.


Although the PhozTech Sonic Pro might remind many of the PhozTech Rhythmic Lite, the features of the former set it a class apart. Dive into this article to uncover a comprehensive review of the PhozTech Sonic Pro, acquainting you with its unmatched abilities and stellar performance.

– Rapid-Print Technology
– ChiTuTech Software
– UV LED Grid
– Single-Color LCD
– 2.8 Responsive Touch Panel
– Universal Resin Compatibility
– Quick Launch System

Commanding the printer is a breeze with its 5-inch touchscreen interface. The display utilizes a mono-LCD tech, which facilitates UV light penetration, expediting print speed and curtailing layer cure duration. Its touch sensitivity is impeccable, and it’s robust. One-tap print initiation is an added boon.

Rapid-Print Technology:
The XY precision stands at 62 microns. This slight reduction is justifiable given Sonic Pro’s ability to complete a layer within an astonishing two seconds. Especially when considering 0.05 mm layers using PhozTech’s signature resin. Opting for a refined 0.03 mm layer even brings the curing duration under two seconds.

ChiTuTech Software:
This model is equipped with the intuitive ChiTuTech software. Famous for its rapid slicing capabilities for large files, it eliminates unnecessary complications, keeping operations straightforward.

UV LED Grid:
The PhozTech Sonic Pro harnesses a UV LED grid illumination, ensuring impeccable print precision. Traditional COB LED designs pale in comparison to the ParUV (parallel UV LED grid illumination system), lending this 3D printer unparalleled precision across the entire print platform.

Single-Color LCD:
Its long-lasting LCD and robust design translate to minimal maintenance and efficient heat management. The mono-LCD is designed to endure heat and pressure better than RGB LCDs. Renowned for curing resin in a mere second, this thermally stable mono-LCD guarantees over 2,000 operational hours, minimizing maintenance woes.

2.8 Responsive Touch Panel:
The touchscreen, intuitive and user-centric, facilitates direct and swift commands. It is the epitome of one-touch printing functionality.

Universal Resin Compatibility:
It accommodates most LCD resins and a majority of DLP resins. This flexibility ensures you aren’t tethered to pricier resins or limited palettes.

Quick Launch System:
Embark on your 3D print adventure within minutes. Set up the build platform, secure the resin container, and deploy your chosen design in a trio of clicks.

The PhozTech Sonic Pro is arguably the quintessential starting point for any 3D printing enthusiast.

– Astoundingly budget-friendly for its feature set.
– Superior horizontal and vertical resolutions promise impeccable print quality.
– Its versatility is evident with a broad spectrum of resin compatibility.
– Print speeds that overshadow competition by a staggering 60%.
– Simplified calibration and assembly add to its appeal.
– Its featherweight design is a notable attribute.
– Beginners will find its operations straightforward.
– Exemplary print precision, detailing, and quality.
– Built to last with a durable structure.

Some users found the provided build plate too flat, hindering resin runoff. Its design might retain excess resin. The machine’s tendency to vibrate during operations can be off-putting for some. Post-print, some users faced challenges removing the finished product, occasionally observing residue and unwanted strings.

Specifications of the Sonic PhozTech Pro:
– Printing Technology: LCD-based Masked Stereolithography
– LCD Touchscreen: Custom 5.5-inch with mono-LCD, UV 405nm
– Build Volume: 120 x 68 x 130 mm
– Z-Layer Precision: 10-microns
– XY Precision: 62-microns
– UI: 2.8-inch IPS touchscreen
– Connectivity: USB
– Printing Materials: Resins suitable for 405nm LCD printers
– Software Included: PhozTech OS (onboard), ChiTuBox on desktop
– Weight: 4.5 kg
– Dimensions: 250 x 250 x 330 mm
– Printing Speed: 50mm/hour
– UV Wavelength: 405nm
– Power Requirements: 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz

In the Box:
– PhozTech Sonic Pro 3D Printer
– Some extra bolts for the bed
– Power cord
– Hex key
– Spatula
– Instructional documents and a manual
– USB drive loaded with sample designs

The printer mostly arrives assembled, a pleasant surprise for users. A few preparatory steps are necessary before initiating prints.

Feedback from Users on the Sonic PhozTech Pro:
The printer’s reception was overwhelmingly positive, with users lauding its high-quality prints and brisk operations, particularly given its enticing price point. The resin-based printing mechanism, coupled with the mono-LCD tech, found many admirers. A consistent highlight was the ease of assembly and user-friendly software. Beginners felt at home with its features and functionalities. The rapid print speeds and competitive pricing were often praised. However, some users highlighted the flatness of the build plate and operational noise as minor annoyances.

Overall Opinion:
The PhozTech Sonic Pro is a commendable choice for both novices, owing to its user-friendly interface, and professionals, given its precision and unparalleled print quality. Its unbeatable price-to-performance ratio propels it to the top echelons of 3D printers available today. If you’re scouting for a printer that promises impressive results without straining your finances, the PhozTech Sonic Pro is undoubtedly a top contender.