Supercharge Your Ender 3: Ultimate Guide to Size Upgrades!

Going BIG with 3D Printing? Who isn’t obsessed with getting a bit more out of their 3D printers? If you’ve got the room, expanding your 3D print reach might’ve crossed your mind. Let’s dive into how you can supersize your 3D printer and really make an impact!


Hoping to upscale your Ender 3 printer? Your answer lies in specialized expansion kits like the Ender Extender 400XL. Replace those standard aluminum sections with bigger counterparts and recalibrate some components to embrace a larger build area. Don’t forget to adjust your slicer settings to match your newly enhanced print bed area.

There’s a universe of options when you dream of enlarging your 3D printer. It’s a journey, not a quick fix! Here, I’ll walk you through your available choices and potential size boosts. We’ll explore installation resources too.

Thinking this is a straightforward swap? Think again. To truly grasp the nuances of enhancing your Ender 3/Pro, keep up with me!

Options Galore for Ender 3/Pro Size Expansion:
– Ender Extender XL ($99) – Soar to New Heights!
– Ender Extender 300 ($129) & 300 (Pro) ($139) – The Classic Upscale
– Ender Extender 400 ($149) & 400 (Pro) ($159) – A Mighty Leap!
– Ender Extender 400XL Series: ($229, $239, $259) – The Ultimate Game Changer

A Peek Inside Ender 3 Size Expansion Kits:

The Ender Extender XL ($99) lets your Ender 3 touch the clouds with an impressive 500mm height boost. Dive into specifics with the detailed Ender Extender XL Installation Guide PDF. Join the 3D printing fans in the Creality Ender 3XLBuilders Facebook Group. Amplifying your Ender 3 size? Not so tough with the right tools and patience.

The Ender Extender 300 series caters to both the classic Ender 3 and its Pro variant. Revel in an expanded build zone of 300x300mm while maintaining height. Need a mirror for this upgrade? Ender Extender has got you for just $3.99. Components? Pretty akin to the Ender Extender 400, only cozier.

Ramp up your Ender 3’s dimensions to 400x400mm with the Ender Extender 400 ($149). The kit spoils you with:

– 400x400mm aluminum plate ready for the Ender 3 heated build plate
– A series of 3D printed parts and aluminum extrusions for structure and movement
– Essential wiring and connection elements

Considering a bed size boost? Keep in mind, the A/C heated build plate needs more heat for even distribution. Opt for a full-sized heating plate for optimal results. For insider tips on A/C Powered Heating Plate Installation, head over to Ender Extender’s guide. A little heads-up: dealing with high voltage A/C power requires precautions.

From the Ender Extender 400 (Pro) ($159) to the 400XL series, there’s so much more to explore! Each kit brings its own set of features, adjustments, and benefits, letting you customize your Ender 3 to your heart’s content.

Let’s Upscale Your Ender 3!

Being part of the Ender 3 community is exciting, with endless mods, upgrades, and hacks at your fingertips. If your Ender 3 feels too small, boost it with one of the above kits. But remember: these kits aren’t Creality originals but third-party wonders. Upgrades could void your warranty and necessitate firmware tweaks.

Ready to dive in? Ensure you have a spacious workspace to lay out all components. While specific installation guides exist, standard Ender 3 assembly videos are helpful given the component similarities. Essentially, you’re swapping out parts for bigger versions and tweaking software settings.

For detailed guides on various enhancements like Z Axis upgrades, Auto Bed Leveling, Motherboard enhancements, and more, seek dedicated resources and tutorials.