Longer Orange 10 Review

Dive deep with me, tech enthusiasts, as we unveil the marvels of the Extended Citrus 10! For those constantly on the lookout for remarkable tech innovations, this printer is gaining rapid attention in the industry. Known to be a pioneer in introducing splendid printers, this brand never ceases to amaze. Not just showcasing superior printing results, their products also boast commendable market esteem. And yes, this printer undeniably stands as their crowning achievement, largely recognized for its intricate detailing and a plethora of adaptive characteristics.


Anchored in resin technology, the Extended Citrus 10 unfurls a myriad of exciting attributes, including a robust construction and a sleek metallic chassis. The best part? This incredible machine is crafted with numerous intuitive functionalities, ensuring that your investment turns into a tech delight!

Let’s embark on a deep-dive journey into this printer’s stellar performance and capabilities. By illuminating its prowess, my mission is to guide you in discerning if this is the perfect tech addition to your arsenal.

Specifications of the Extended Citrus 10
What’s in the Extended Citrus 10’s Box?
Feedback from Extended Citrus 10 Users

One-Tap Support Integration
Equipped with a brilliant one-click mechanism, it effortlessly integrates support structures, automatically identifying them. Moreover, it incorporates a cross-linked grid support, ensuring even the most intricate designs come to life flawlessly. This innovative inclusion transcends common resin printing challenges, with support generation seamlessly integrated into the slicing phase.

Swift Customized Slicing Software
One of the compelling reasons behind this printer’s soaring popularity is its bespoke slicer. Asserting to operate at a speed that’s up to 30 times faster than traditional open-source platforms, it negates the need for external applications. Imagine processing a 100Mb file in a mere 10 seconds with this advanced slicing tool!

Hand-Operated Calibration
While the Extended Citrus 10 embraces manual calibration – which some might argue seems slightly old-school compared to automatic alternatives – it offers a straightforward approach. This hand-operated method simplifies adhesion issues, making troubleshooting a breeze. Adjust the platform effortlessly using just four screws!

2.8-inch Interactive Display
Despite its competitive price point, the printer houses a vibrant LCD, elevating the operational experience. Boasting a swift response rate, this touchscreen augments the overall printing procedure. Navigate with ease, select your desired files, and enjoy a real-time view of your printing progress.

Robust Metallic Framework
Encased in a solid metallic exoskeleton, this printer promises enhanced precision and longevity. Excluding the acrylic canopy, every component, from the build plate to the vat, is constructed using sturdy metal.

Advanced Thermal Alert Mechanism
Acting as a diligent sentinel, the printer pauses operations when detecting elevated temperatures, resuming only once the optimal thermal range is restored. This feature not only negates potential print disruptions but also augments the machine’s lifespan.

Distinctive Light Pathway Engineering
With a focus on superior print outputs, this unique element ensures optimal light intensity, yielding precise and detailed results. This special light pathway facilitates a consistent illumination spread, significantly reducing debris creation during printing. Its uniform UV light mechanism, designed with UV LED, guarantees heightened intensity and swift curing durations.

– An affordable gateway into the realm of 3D printing.
– Stability ensured by its solid construction.
– Metallic chassis promises durability and aesthetic appeal, diminishing frequent calibration needs.
– Rapid slicing software operates 30 times swifter than conventional platforms.
– User-friendly 2.8-inch touchscreen.
– Unique light pathways ensure consistent illumination, enhancing print quality.
– Accommodates a diverse range of printing materials.
– Effortless removal of completed prints from the build plate.
– Compact design for easy placement.

– Manual calibration might not resonate with everyone.
– Some users felt the machine’s overall quality could be enhanced.
– Noise levels might be slightly disruptive for some.
– Occasional reports of resin leaks onto the UV screen, though not a widespread issue.
– Discrepancies noticed by a few in print accuracy and dimensional quality.
– Concerns raised regarding the replacement of certain machine parts, especially for budget-conscious individuals.

Specifications of the Extended Citrus 10
– Technology Platform: LCD resin
– Packaging: Pre-assembled
– Build Volume Dimensions: 98 x 55 x 140 mm
– Overall Printer Dimensions: 170 x 170 x 360mm
– Precision Capability: Up to 20 microns
– Calibration Technique: Manual
– Connectivity Mode: SD card
– Illumination Source: UV LED 405 nm
– Compatible Resins: Diverse range, including rigid, dental, and castable variants
– Maximum Speed: 30 mm/h
– Layer Resolution Range: 0.01 – 0.1 mm
– Z-axis Precision: 10 microns
– Display Mechanism: 2.8-inch interactive touchscreen
– Light Emission Source: UV LED 405 nm
– Screen Resolution: 854 x 480 pixels
– Connectivity Preference: SD Card
– Printer’s Weight: 5.4 kg

What’s in the Extended Citrus 10’s Box?
– Predominantly pre-assembled printer.
– Comprehensive user guide.
– Extra FEP film.
– Resin filters, acrylic panels, and a cleaning cloth.
– Safety gloves and a scraper.
– Elastic bands for enhanced stability and cards for excess resin removal.
– An 8GB micro SD card equipped with a USB reader.