Mastering Mesh Bed Leveling: Ender 3, Marlin & Beyond in 3D Printing!

Grasping the Concept of Mesh Bed Leveling (MBL):


Mesh Bed Leveling, often abbreviated as MBL, is a genius way to offset any unevenness on your printer’s bed. It’s an absolute lifesaver, especially when you’re working with expansive beds which can be a tad tricky to level consistently across all areas. I crafted this guide with utmost love to shed light on the magic of MBL across various printer models and firmware.

Diving Into MBL – Ender 3 & Marlin:
1. Modify the Configuration Document
2. Achieve Perfect Bed Alignment
3. Execute a Bed Evaluation Design

Mastering MBL on Prusa:
1. Fine-tune MBL Preferences
2. Kickstart MBL
3. Deploy a Bed Examination Model

MBL & BLTouch – An Overview

Now, let’s deep dive!

MBL on Ender 3 & Marlin – A Step by Step Guide:

First and foremost, let’s Modify the Configuration Document:
To embrace MBL on the Ender 3, the initial task is to tweak your printer’s firmware by refining a configuration file. Wondering about Marlin? It’s the heartbeat software of the Ender 3, orchestrating every move of your 3D printer! To initiate, grab Marlin and dig into the “Configuration.h” nestled within the “Marlin” directory. Software platforms like Microsoft VSCode will be your best pal here.

Caution: Tweaking firmware settings can be like opening Pandora’s Box. So, tread with care! Use the search function within “Configuration.h” to pinpoint “#define MESH BED LEVELING”. Strip away those two forward slashes (“//”) to activate MBL on your printer. But, hold your horses and ensure no other leveling techniques are active.

Progressing, erase the slashes preceding “#define RESTORE LEVELING AFTER G28.” This will ensure each print commences with the G28 command, resurrecting any lost MBL data.

Similarly, unveil the “#define LCD BED LEVELING” by removing its slashes, thus permitting MBL activities via the printer’s display.

Lastly, intimate the printer about your manual leveling adventure since MBL skips probing. “#define PROBE MANUALLY” – unmasking this line does the trick!

Post-edit, refresh your firmware and infuse it into your 3D printer. For more juicy details on editing Marlin, there’s a fab video out there to guide you.

The next on our agenda is to Achieve Perfect Bed Alignment:
Kickstart the alignment operation, perhaps with a humble sheet of paper to guide you. Heat up the printer, opting for your beloved filament. On the LCD, wander to “Level Bed” via “Bed Leveling”. Use the adjacent dial to fine-tune the Z-axis on a nine-point grid. The aim? Let your paper slip smoothly between the nozzle and build platform. When the printer hums its success, you’re golden!

Lastly, Execute a Bed Evaluation Design:
With the above steps wrapped, it’s wise to print a test design to validate your MBL prowess. A Bed Leveling Calibration Test Object works wonders. Nine delicate squares at every bed corner will be your litmus test!

Mastering MBL on Prusa:
To weave the MBL magic on Prusa 3D printers, follow these steps:
1. Fine-tune MBL Preferences: Head to the LCD, select “Settings”, then dive into “Mesh Bed Leveling”. Here, adjust:
– Mesh (range from 3 x 3 to 7 x 7)
– Z-probe count (choices include 1, 3, or 5)
– Magnet compensation (Toggle ON/OFF)

2. Kickstart MBL: Post setting tweaks, jump into MBL via “Calibration” > “Mesh Bed Leveling”. Witness the SuperPINDA sensor do its magic across all Prusa 3D printers.

3. Deploy a Bed Examination Model: Just as before, print a bed test pattern. I’d vouch for the Bed Level Test, tailor-made for Prusa wonders. A Digital Caliper, easily found on Amazon, can be your measuring sidekick.

MBL & BLTouch – A Symbiotic Dance:
For those blessed with a BLTouch sensor that automates bed leveling, MBL isn’t a distant dream. BLTouch gauges the precise gap between the plate and nozzle using its pin, guiding the firmware to adjust. For printers like Ender 3 or similar FDM ones with Marlin firmware, revert to the earlier section as the setup mirrors, even post a BLTouch augmentation.

Some may ponder the need for BLTouch when MBL can be done manually. Well, to each their own! I’ve seen folks juggling both Jyers and BLTouch who’ve embraced MBL with open arms and seen success soar.