How do you pause at a certain height in Cura?

Cura stands as a sought-after slicing application widely embraced by numerous 3D printing fans. Its core function is the seamless conversion of 3D designs into G-Code, the language our beloved 3D printers resonate with. A prime reason for the ubiquity of Cura is its impressive adaptability with a vast range of 3D printers. And let’s not forget the plethora of customization features it offers, empowering you to tweak your 3D prints to perfection! Moreover, Cura extends its prowess by allowing nuanced modifications to G-Code. In this article, let’s shine a spotlight on the ‘Pause at a Specific Layer or Height’ function.


Here’s a golden nugget for you: Having the ability to halt your 3D print mid-process is a game-changer, especially when attempting multi-shaded 3D designs. So, without further ado, delve deeper to understand the intricacies of the “Pause at Height” utility. Plus, we’ll sprinkle in additional advice to elevate your 3D printing adventures.

Where’s the Magic Button for Pause at Height?
How Do You Master The Pause at Height Capability?
Pause Parameters (X, Y)
Retraction Mechanics
Optimal Retraction Pace
Extrusion Quantity
Extrusion Rate
Reprinting Layers
Ideal Standby Heat
Optimal Resume Heat
Potential Hiccups with The Pause at Height Tool

Locating the “Pause at Height” Magic Button:
The pause at height gem is nestled within Cura’s post-processing scripts, designed to enhance your G-Code. To unveil this feature:
Step 1: Ensure your design has been sliced, employing the slice icon situated at the lower right corner.
Step 2: Hover to Cura’s top-tier toolbar and select Extensions.
Step 3: A delightful menu unfolds. Choose Post-processing and subsequently, pick Modify G-Code.
Step 4: A new dialogue box graces your screen. Here, select Add a script to discover a galaxy of G-Code modifications.
Step 5: Within the dropdown, pinpoint and select the “Pause at Height” choice.

Eureka! You’ve unlocked the treasure. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, replicate these steps for multiple pause points.

Mastering the “Pause at Height” Utility:
Having unveiled this gem, let’s delve into the art of embedding a pause within Cura.
When you activate the pause at height mode, Cura presents a menu wherein you determine the pause parameters. Each of these parameters tailors the printer’s behavior pre and post the pause.
Let’s decipher them, shall we?

Pause Specifications:
Firstly, decide on the unit Cura employs to pinpoint the pause location.
Cura offers twin metrics:
Pause Elevation: Here, Cura gauges the design’s stature in millimeters and halts at the user’s designated height. Perfect when you have an exact height in mind.
Pause Layer: This command halts the print upon reaching a defined layer. Remember our earlier slicing advice? It comes into play here. Utilize the “Layer View” instrument post-slicing to handpick your desired layer.

Parking Position (X, Y):
Decide the printer head’s destination post the pause. It’s essential! This ensures the printer head doesn’t loiter over the model, averting potential mishaps.

Retraction Dynamics:
Determine the filament retraction amount once the print pauses. Typically, a range of 1-7mm suffices, contingent on the nozzle length and filament type.

Optimal Retraction Velocity:
It signifies the filament retraction speed. Tread carefully; a misstep can lead to nozzle blockages.

Extrusion Quantity & Rate:
Post-pause, the printer reboots and readies itself. During this phase, it extrudes filament to compensate for the retraction and old filament expulsion.

Reprinting Layers:
Choose layers you wish to reprint post the pause. Immensely beneficial for an impeccable nozzle priming.

Ideal Standby & Resume Temperatures:
For extended pauses, it’s wise to set a consistent nozzle temperature, slashing reboot time.

Should you encounter snags like stringing post-pause, fine-tune the retraction settings. If your Ender 3 seems unresponsive to the Pause at Height command, editing the G-Code could be the antidote. Remember, with the Pause at Height tool in your arsenal, the possibilities are boundless!