Unraveling the PTFE Tube Mystery!

Hey tech lovers! It’s Carolina here, your go-to tech enthusiast with a penchant for all things 3D printing. Let’s dive into the universe of 3D printers, specifically into the world of PTFE tubes. Ever grappled with the challenge of detaching that pesky PTFE tube from your hotend, especially on your trusty Ender 3? Fear not! Let’s decode the right methods to tackle this.


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When you’re looking to take out the PTFE tube from the extruder, it’s all about applying pressure correctly. Push gently on the roundish plastic coupler to let go of the grip on the tube and voilà! If that proves stubborn, release the entire fitting from the extruder, use a bit more strength on the coupler with tools, and then take out the tube.

Here’s a golden nugget from a video I came across: Use a set of channel locks to secure the main fixture that integrates into the extruder. Next, leverage the frame of your 3D device to press on the coupler. Grab another pair of pliers and there you have it – your PTFE tube is out!

In rare instances, if the coupling seems unmovable, you might need to undo the entire setting and opt for a fresh set. I’m all for the Creality Capricorn Bowden PTFE Tube. Trust me, it’s a gem, combining superior quality tubing, paired with two pneumatic fitting sets, and yes, a handy tube slicer!

This method is like a universal remote, seamlessly compatible with an array of 3D printers like the Ender 3 V2, Ender 5 Pro, Prusa Mini, and oodles more.

Extracting the PTFE Tube from the Hotend: All you need is the wrench that came with your device. Apply a bit of downward thrust to the coupling and, with a gentle touch, pull out the PTFE tube with your fingers.

Bowden tubes don’t demand frequent replacements. However, if you spot burns or detect any damage, a replacement is in order. But here’s the silver lining: many tech enthusiasts have sailed smoothly for years with the same tube.

Always remember, sharp tools = clean cuts. The PTFE Tube Cutter is your best friend in this regard. Those using the Ender 3, bear in mind that the stock PTFE or Bowden tubes might not always withstand extreme temperatures. This might lead to a phenomenon termed heat creep. In layman’s terms, it’s where heat ventures into forbidden territories.

For those riding the PLA wave, you’re pretty safe. But if you’re into ABS or PETG, which demands more heat, the PTFE tube might start showing wear. This often leads to pesky printing glitches.

How to Swap PTFE Tubing on Your 3D Device: Out with the old, in with the new. Gently press the couplers, take out the old PTFE tube, size up the new tube, give it a neat cut, and insert it. For a flawless connection with the nozzle, remember to unscrew it just a tad, push the tube right in, and tighten back.

For all those scratching their heads on the ideal PTFE tube upgrade, the answer is crystal clear: Capricorn tubing. Perfect dimensions, heat-resilient up to 260°C, and unparalleled durability make it the perfect choice.

Stuck filament? We’ve all been there. Unscrewing the fitting or simply extracting the PTFE tube to manually pull out the filament is often the best course of action.

Bowden tubes playing truant? Replace any faltering coupler with a more robust one, ensuring a tighter grip. And, don’t forget the little clip to keep the coupler in place. For the ultimate experience, a transition to Capricorn PTFE might be just what the doctor ordered.

That’s it for now, fellow tech fans! Dive deep into the vast ocean of 3D printing, explore, and stay tuned for more tech-laden insights from yours truly.