How do you use the full build plate in Cura?

Hey there, fellow tech lovers! It’s Carolina here, your go-to gal for all things techie and cool. Today, I’m diving deep into Cura, and if you’ve ever pondered how to maximize your print volume, then this is the spot for you! Let’s jump right in, shall we?


Unlocking the Complete Print Dimension in Cura – No More Restricted/Grey Zones
1. Ditching the Build Plate Adhesion (Skirt, Brim, Raft)
The build plate adhesion settings act like a fence for your 3D design, ensuring it stays within its playground. But, if you’re looking to spread out and use every inch, we need to turn off these settings. Ever seen how the Skirt wraps around? Well, it’s kinda like the extra ribbon on a gift—sometimes, you just want the main present without all the flair.

Once I’ve adjusted the Build Plate Adhesion to “None,” voila! The grey boundary vanishes, and the print area becomes entirely yours to play with!

2. Tweaking the Cura Definitions Directly Within the File
For those who love a hands-on approach, there’s another way to banish that pesky grey space in Cura! It’s about rolling up your sleeves and diving into the Cura files themselves.

Grab your digital magnifying glass and open your File Explorer. Navigate to your main “C:” Drive, and dive into “Program Files.” Now, let’s play detective—scan down and spot the newest version of Cura. Got it? Great! Let’s venture further into “resources” and then “definitions.”

Inside, you’ll encounter a library, a whole universe of 3D printer options. Look for your printer’s special .json file. Just a little tip from Carolina: always keep a backup! Make a duplicate of this precious file just for safekeeping.

Equip yourself with a handy text editor, something like Notepad++, and find the section labeled “machine_disallowed areas.” Here’s where the magic happens: simply delete those lines with values. Once done, restart Cura, and voila, it’s like getting a room makeover! All those unwanted grey areas? Gone!

Cura’s experts also have some insider tricks on making the most of your printing space—worth a look!

Adjusting Print Bed Dimensions in Cura
Yearning to change your print bed’s dimensions in Cura? Well, listen up! Access your printer’s secret profile with CTRL + K, then peek on the left for the “Printers” option. There, in the “Machine Settings,” you have the power to modify your X, Y, and Z axis measurements to your heart’s content!

How to Omit the Purge Line in Cura
That little line of filament that shows up at the beginning, eager to start the show? Yep, that’s the purge line. But if you’re looking to make it disappear, I’ve got your back. Head on over to your printer’s main screen in Cura, select “Manage printers,” and enter “Machine Settings.” There, you can delete a specific section in the “Start G-code” to make that purge line a thing of the past!

Solving the ‘Not All Set as Modifier Meshes’ Error in Cura
Having build plate adhesion settings, especially the skirt, can sometimes throw this pesky error. But don’t fret! Just turn it off, or even use the amazing Mesh Fixer plugin in Cura. Also, setting “Avoid Travel Distance” to 0 can be your knight in shining armor.