Master 3D Print Finishing: Prime & Paint Miniatures with Ease!

Step right into the mesmerizing world of 3D printed figurines! Trust me, dressing them up in vibrant colors isn’t a walk in the park. However, when Carolina, the techno-wiz, unveils her secrets, it’s a game changer! Ready to add some flair to your 3D artwork? Dive right in!


To commence your painting journey, ensure your 3D model is immaculate and has a smooth texture. Buff away those pesky rough spots. Once you’ve got a smooth canvas, grace it with light layers of a quality primer. From there, embrace top-tier acrylic colors with the perfect brush or, better yet, an airbrush for those jaw-dropping results.

Stay with me, and by the time you’re done, you’ll possess the elite strategies to elevate your 3D printed figurines.

Do 3D Printed Figurines Need a Bath?
Prepare your 3D Printed Figurines for a Colorful Transformation!

For the filament-based 3D printed artworks, a rinse isn’t necessary. Just snip away the extra bits. However, if you’ve birthed your masterpiece from resin, you’ll want to treat it to a post-print spa! Opt for isopropyl alcohol or a mix of soap and water for the water-soluble resin variants. A good ol’ wash & cure station or even an ultrasonic cleaner will do the trick.

Setting The Stage for Priming & Painting
Once you’ve unboxed your miniature from its 3D printing cocoon, inspect it. Notice any hangers-on? Grab your trusty utility knife and make it pristine. Follow up by sanding away the tell-tale layer lines. Kick-off with a coarse-grained sandpaper, gradually shifting to the finer grits.

With the sanding done, it’s priming time! To achieve the ultimate finish, ensure no sanding remnants remain. Post that, it’s the prime-time show!

Painting Masterclass for 3D Miniatures
For the pièce de résistance, the paint job! But first, ensure the figure is ready by clearing away any supports and excess. Now, unleash your inner artist with vivid acrylic paints, using either a spray can or airbrush for finesse.

Here are Carolina’s Golden Tips for Painting Perfection:

1. Divide & Conquer: Fragment your prints to paint parts separately. Seam them together post-painting for precision.
2. Variety is the Spice: Own brushes of different dimensions. Large brushes for broad strokes and small ones for intricate details.
3. Quality Over Quantity: Invest in superior paints for a standout result.
4. Stay Wet! A wet palette can be your BFF, ensuring your paints remain fresh for longer.

Resin Figurines – Paint or No Paint?
Absolutely, paint away! Treat your resin creations with sanding and priming first for unparalleled outcomes.

Pick the Right Primer for Resin Figures:
Two top contenders have emerged – Tamiya Surface Primer and Krylon Fusion All-in-One Spray Paint. They prep your masterpiece, highlighting flaws and setting the stage for a stellar paint performance.

So, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned 3D artist, embrace these nuggets of wisdom and watch your figurines come alive in Technicolor!