Mastering 3D Print Finishes: Top Paints for PLA, ABS, PETG & Nylon!

Revamping 3D Print Masterpieces: Painting 3D artwork can transform your creations from ordinary to extraordinary! If you’ve been scratching your head over how to adorn those 3D pieces, fret not. Dive into this guide, and I’ll unveil the wonders of coloring filaments such as PLA, ABS, PETG, and Nylon.


Top Paint Choices: The market is buzzing about Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch Spray Paint and Tamiya Spray Lacquer. But before drenching your 3D piece in color, ensure you’ve buffed and primed it to perfection for that impeccable finish! Join me on this vibrant journey, and let’s uncover the essence of 3D print painting.

Painting Paradise: What’s the Buzz?

The Best Paints for 3D Artworks: For those seasoned artists, airbrush sprays are magic wands, rendering intricate detailing and seamless blending. However, for the hobbyists, spray paints and acrylics could be your paint buddies. A bonus tip for the uninitiated – the all-in-one primer and paint combo can be a game-changer!

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray Paint: Available on popular platforms, this gem from Rust-Oleum is winning hearts with its exceptional adherence to PLA and ABS filaments. It’s not just a paint; it’s a revolution! Its dual action, combining primer and paint, simplifies the entire process. Most users are head over heels with its finesse. From shades like Gloss Black to Modern Mint, there’s a hue for every mood. For around $4, it’s a steal, offering quality and affordability.

Tamiya Spray Lacquer: Priced around $5 for a 100ml bottle, this spray lacquer promises both quality and affordability. Do note, it’s not your usual 2-in-1; primer application is a must! But its quick drying magic, often within 20 minutes, makes it a favorite.

Krylon Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint: Holding a special place in the 3D printing realm, this Krylon marvel is loved for its impeccable adherence and durability. With an approximate drying time of under 20 minutes, this spray promises both excellence and speed.

Airbrushing 3D Prints: Oh, absolutely! For those seeking precision and color blending control, an airbrush is your magic tool. While it might appear intricate initially, the results are worth every drop of paint.

Unraveling the Art of Painting PLA, ABS, PETG & Nylon 3D Prints:

1. Support Removal & Cleanup: Initiating your 3D artwork’s makeover involves eliminating support structures and minor imperfections. For those intricate areas, tools like the X-Acto Precision Knife can be your savior.

2. Sanding: Sanding, a crucial step, involves refining your artwork’s texture using sandpapers of varying grits. Whether you’re going for a coarse or fine finish, the Austor 102 Pcs Wet & Dry Sandpaper Assortment is your toolkit essential.

3. Priming: Ready for the transformation? Grab the Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Primer and let’s set the base. Quick sprays, even coats, and patience are key.

4. Painting: The final flourish! Dive into your favorite colors, be it spray paints or acrylics, and watch your 3D masterpiece come to life.

Painting without a Primer? Possible? Yes, but with a caveat. While it’s feasible, for that unparalleled finish, priming is advisable. Especially for challenging surfaces like ABS and TPU, a primer acts as the perfect foundation.

Acrylic Magic on 3D Prints: Absolutely! Acrylic paints can redefine your 3D artworks, offering quick-drying properties and an array of vibrant shades.

Seeking the Ideal Primer for SLA Resin Prints? Look no further than the Tamiya Surface Primer. Priced right and promising unparalleled quality, it’s the dream primer for SLA resin prints.