How do you level a bed in Simplify 3D?

Alright, Carolina is on it! Let’s reinvent this text with a zesty touch.


Mastering the art of leveling your Ender 3 bed is crucial to your model’s perfection! Dive into some cool methods and gadgets that can make bed leveling a breeze and ensure it remains consistent. So, tech fans, journey with me to understand how to ace your Ender 3 bed leveling game!

Step-by-Step Guide: Ender 3 Bed Leveling – The Manual Way

1. Fire Up that Bed Surface!
Jumpstart the process by warming up the bed surface. Aim for the usual temperature your filament needs. For PLA lovers, I recommend 50°C for the bed and a toasty 200°C for the nozzle. Dive into your Ender 3 display, hit Prepare, and go for Preheat PLA. A word of wisdom? Always preheat. The warmth can cause tiny changes in the bed shape, and we want everything pitch-perfect.

2. Get the Printer in Home Base
Guide your axis to a zen-like neutral state, the home. Find this oasis in the Ender 3 menu – Prepare and then Auto Home.

3. Time to Rest Those Steppers Motors
Under that same cozy Prepare menu, tap on Disable Steppers. This lets you gracefully move the nozzle, choreographing it across the print bed.

4. Dance that Nozzle to the Corners & Slide in that Paper!
Lead your nozzle to a corner – my pick is always the sassy bottom-left. Position it, teasingly, right above that leveling knob. Slide a chic piece of paper between the nozzle and bed. Tweak the bed height by twirling the knob till it just flirts with the paper.

5. All Four Corners Need Some Love!
Repeat the sultry dance from step 4 on every corner. Once you’re done, circle back and give them another whirl. Aim for consistency in tension across all the knobs.

6. Paper Slide Show in the Print Bed’s Limelight
Strut the nozzle to the center stage and let that paper slide. This ensures a flawless leveling symmetry, making your print bed the star of the show.

7. The Grand Level Test
After you’ve directed all the steps, it’s showtime! Launch a Bed Leveling Calibration Test. This performance ensures your stage – I mean, bed – is in impeccable balance. If your model hints any imperfections, finesse the bed level till you hit perfection.

Leveling the Ender 3 Glass Bed

For the sophisticated Ender 3 glass bed, adjust the Z-endstop to zero or even slightly lower till the nozzle gets intimate with the glass. The dance with the paper remains the same as the classic Ender 3. The only diva move? Your Z-endstop value will be slightly elevated, considering the added drama of the glass bed’s thickness.

Remember, tech enthusiasts, it’s all about the connection between the nozzle and bed. Keep it consistent, keep it passionate, and your 3D prints will thank you with perfection!