Ditch the Raft and Simplify Your Process!

Ever tried 3D printing without a raft? It might seem daunting, especially with those hefty prints, but trust me, it’s absolutely doable when armed with the perfect tricks! Dive deep with me into the exhilarating world of raft-less 3D printing. For flawless prints without a raft, consider a robust enclosure to combat those pesky drafts and maintain an unwavering printing climate. Opt for a stellar print alignment where the most level surface cozies up to the print bed. To make things stick, bring in your best pals: hairspray or a handy glue stick.


But that’s just scratching the surface! There’s a universe of wisdom on raft-less 3D printing awaiting you. So, let’s get the ball rolling!

What’s This Raft Everyone’s Talking About in 3D Printing?

In the 3D printing cosmos, a raft is like the foundation to your skyscraper. Imagine a sturdy, flat base encircling your 3D prints, boosting bed adhesion and solidifying the early stages of printing. The charm of rafts? They act like a protective shield, fending off the heat from the build plate and offering ample surface for those perfect adhesions. And if you’re feeling adventurous, pop into the “Expert” settings and tweak the “Raft Extra Margin”, set at a default 15mm, to give your raft some extra oomph!

Is a Raft My 3D Printing BFF?

Not always! Rafts are magic for complex structures or those with wobbly bases. ABS filament prints and rafts? A match made in heaven due to ABS’s notorious warping reputation. But if you’re dancing with filaments that stick like a dream and have no warping drama, you might not need a raft’s shoulder to lean on.

Flying Solo: How to 3D Print Without a Raft

Cutting the raft out can be exhilarating and efficient. You save on time and materials, and oh, the satisfaction of that pristine print surface! But it’s essential to nail the basics:

– Perfect your print’s posture by keeping the flattest side on the print bed.
– Get those temperature settings just right.
– Shield your print from external tantrums like sudden temperature dips.
– Create a fortress around your print with a top-notch enclosure like the Creality Fireproof & Dustproof one.
– Lastly, don’t skimp on a solid adhesive. Whether it’s a sticky glue or a glamorous hairspray, make it count!

When Rafts Stick Like Overzealous Fans

If your raft’s clinging tighter than you’d like, there might be some temperature drama. Fine-tune your printing temperature or take a gander at the “Raft Air Gap” in Cura to give your print some breathing room. Remember, the right tools make all the difference! A trusty putty knife like the Warner 3 ProGrip Full Flex Putty Knife can be your best bet.

Do Rafts Ward Off the Warping Woes in 3D Printing?

Absolutely! Rafts are your frontline defense against warping disasters. By acting as a buffer, they neutralize the temperamental shrinking of the plastic, ensuring your prints stay put. But if warping’s still crashing your party, scout your environment for any draft culprits or sudden temperature changes.