Mastering Mesh Bed Leveling: Troubleshooting Marlin, Prusa & Beyond!

When you’re diving into the exhilarating world of 3D printing, mesh bed leveling can sometimes throw a curveball your way. If you’ve faced an uneven printing arena, I’ve got your back! Dive in, as we navigate the tech-waters together and get that printer humming perfectly again!


Mesh Bed Leveling Mastery – Ender 3 & Marlin

  • Expand to a Wider Mesh
  • Ensure the X-Gantry is Securely Positioned
  • Reorganize your Filament
  • Purge the EEPROM
  • Switch out the Axis Straps

1. Expand to a Wider Mesh

Starting with mesh bed leveling can be a tad overwhelming, but fret not! Initially, some folks find success with a broader mesh. For instance, a tech buddy of mine kicked off with a 25 x 25 mesh, later finessing down to a neat 13 x 13 after some exploration. So, think big, then refine!

2. Ensure the X-Gantry is Securely Positioned

The X-Gantry isn’t just a pretty frame; it’s the backbone of the X-Axis. So, if it’s even a smidge off, your mesh bed leveling might be throwing tantrums. I say, give it a once-over! Ensure it’s straight and firm. Need visuals? There’s a plethora of video tutorials waiting to guide you. Dive in!

3. Reorganize your Filament

Ever faced a knotty situation with your filament? Loose wraps can lead to unforeseen blockages. One tech enthusiast swapped out printing woes for smooth sails by unwinding and methodically rewinding his filament. So, keep it taut and watch those prints come alive!

4. Purge the EEPROM

The EEPROM is like the 3D printer’s diary, retaining all its secrets even when powered down. If things are amiss, clear out old data! Access the Control menu and hit “Restore failsafe”, followed by “Init EEPROM”. Or, for the code fans: send a M502 (reset) and a M500 (save) command. Fresh start, anyone?

5. Switch out the Axis Straps

If your Y or X axis belts have given up the ghost, it might be time for a makeover. I’ve seen enthusiasts pull their hair out, only to discover a worn belt causing havoc. Swap them out, adjust as needed, and you’ll be back in the game!

Mesh Bed Leveling Resolutions – Prusa

  • Roll back that Firmware
  • Double-check the Z-Axis Alignment
  • Update to a Genuine PINDA Sensor

1. Roll back that Firmware

Firmware updates can sometimes play tricks! A fellow printer lover faced mesh bed mayhem post an update, only to find solace in reverting to an older version. If your prints have gone haywire, consider a firmware flashback. It might just be the magic touch!

2. Double-check the Z-Axis Alignment

Ensuring your Z-Axis plays nice at a 90-degree angle with the bed is pivotal. Any deviation, and it’s chaos city. A tweak here, an adjustment there, and you’re golden!

3. Update to a Genuine PINDA Sensor

Been lured by a budget PINDA clone? Beware, quality matters! Ditching a low-grade sensor for the real deal can be transformative. So, for a flawless mesh bed leveling experience, consider splurging on a quality PINDA. It’s a game changer, promise!