Fixing CR Touch & BLTouch Homing Issues

Alright, Carolina here, and if you know me, you’d know I’m downright obsessed with the fusion of technology and innovation! Dive in with me, dear tech enthusiast, as we delve into the intricacies of the CR Touch/BLTouch and its brilliant design to make our 3D printing endeavors a breeze.


The Magic of CR Touch/BLTouch
The CR Touch/BLTouch is an ingenious creation for automated bed calibration, which seeks to optimize the Z-axis positioning through its cleverly designed probe. The whole point? Giving us that flawless bed alignment! But remember, it needs to align itself – or ‘home’ – first to pull off its magic. But what happens when it faces issues doing just that? Let’s explore.

Potential Hurdles and Solutions
1. Wiring Woes of the CR Touch
Witnessing your CR Touch flashing a persistent red, refusing to home? Could be a sign of some naughty wires! Just like another user discovered with their BLTouch, the problem often lurks within. A solution? Replace that pesky wire! Grab your trusty multimeter and get probing.

2. Secure the CR Touch’s Connections
For our beloved CR Touch to shine, it’s vital that it’s firmly connected to the motherboard. A loose connection? That could be your culprit. It’s essential to ensure the cords latch onto the correct ports, bearing in mind the subtle differences between 8-bit and 32-bit systems.

3. Flashing – Do it Right!
Installing a CR Touch or BLTouch demands the flawless integration of the apt firmware with your printer. Many overlook this and end up with incompatible firmware. Before you proceed, acquaint yourself with your board version and then head over to the manufacturer’s corner for the matching firmware. Also, consider trying alternative firmware like Marlin or Jyers. Their user-friendly interfaces and myriad customization options are absolutely delightful!

4. Configuration is Key
To truly harness the potential of the CR Touch or BLTouch firmware, meticulous configuration within the Config.h files is non-negotiable. Many users exploring third-party firmware options often overlook essential settings. Like one user who neglected to activate the CR-Touch line! Remember, small oversights can lead to glaring errors. If you’re opting for custom firmware, religiously adhere to the provided guidelines.

5. Z Limit Switch – Give it a Break
Upon integrating an Automated Bed Levelling genius like CR Touch, it’s wise to unplug your Z limit switch. Leaving it connected might just throw a wrench in your CR Touch’s performance.

Final Thoughts:
Embarking on a 3D printing journey with the Ender 3 or any other marvel? Always be on your toes, starting with a keen inspection of the wiring. Happy tinkering!