Master the Cold Pull: Pristine 3D Printer Filament Cleaning!

Unblock Your 3D Printer with a Crisp Cold Pull!


Ever faced the struggle of a jammed 3D printer nozzle? Whether you’re working with an Ender 3, Prusa, or another cool 3D printer model, this guide will be your best friend! Get ready to unveil the power of a cold pull and witness the magic of a smooth print again!

Master the Art of Cold Pull – Ender 3, Prusa, & Others:
1. Snag a Cleaner Filament or Your Usual One
2. Slide it Into Your 3D Printer
3. Elevate Your Z-Axis to Eye-level
4. Ramp Up the Heating Game
5. Ooze Out Roughly 20mm of Filament
6. Chill Out the Printing Temp
7. Yank Out the Set Filament

Top-Tier Cleaning Filaments for Cold Pull:
– eSUN Filament Cleaner
– NovaMaker Filament De-clogger

Set the Stage for Cold Pull with PLA, ABS, PETG & Nylon:
– PLA: Chill and Pull
– ABS: Warmth and Withdraw
– PETG: Balanced and Out
– Nylon: Hot and Pop

Become a Cold Pull Pro – Ender 3, Prusa & More:
To nail a cold pull on any 3D printer, here’s your action list:

1. Choose Your Weapon: Opt for the powerful eSUN Cleaning Filament known for its incredible range of 150-260°C. Its stellar adhesive qualities ensure a jam-free experience, making filament switches, like from PLA to ABS, a breeze.
2. Load Up: Simply insert the cleaning filament into your printer. A neat trick: angle-cut the filament tip for easy insertion!
3. Elevate Your View: Adjust that Z-axis upwards, granting yourself a clearer view. Use your printer’s settings to make the magic happen!
4. Heat It Up: Dial in the perfect temperature for your filament. For instance, set it to 200°C for PLA, and for ABS, aim for around 240°C.
5. Exude Some Filament: Get that filament flowing. Navigate to “Control” > “Extruder” to make it happen.
6. Cool It Down: Dial back the heat, going as low as 90°C for PLA. And wait for the cooldown.
7. Pull it Out: Now, gently pull the filament from the extruder. Hear that pop? You’re on the right track!

For a nylon cold pull, try the Taulman Bridge Nylon. It’s super absorbent and the steam during printing gives a thorough cleaning! Set your printer to 240°C, let the nylon ooze out, and reduce the temperature to 115°C before the final pull.

Spotlight on Cleaning Filaments:
– eSUN Cleaning Filament: It’s an ace at declogging and boasts unparalleled adhesiveness. Users vouch for its efficiency, especially when alternating between filament types.
– NovaMaker Cleaning Filament: Loved for its core maintenance abilities, this filament tackles dust, dirt, and unwanted residues like a champ. With its heat stability, it handles temperatures between 150°C and 260°C with ease.

The Perfect Temp for Every Filament:
– PLA: Heat to 200°C, cool down to a snug 90°C.
– ABS: Aim for 130°C after initial heating.
– PETG: Start cold pulling at 130°C, adjusting as needed.
– Nylon: Start hot at 240°C and cool down to 140°C before the pull.

Executing these steps flawlessly ensures a spotless nozzle. Do it a few times, and you’re golden! Happy printing, tech lovers!