Clean Resin 3D Prints: Skip the Isopropyl with These Tips!

Perfecting the art of cleaning resin 3D masterpieces may appear straightforward, but boy, the devil’s in the details! Dive with me into the journey of unveiling how to spruce up those resin gems, with or sans alcohol. Let’s debunk this together! Why stick to isopropyl alcohol when there’s a palette of alternatives? Ever thought of Mean Green, Acetone, or the household Mr. Clean? And, guess what? There’s even water-washable resin that’s pretty impressive. For those who love gadgets, the ultrasonic cleaner and the do-it-all Anycubic Wash & Cure should be on your radar. Ready to dive deep? Let’s unravel these secrets and throw in some pro tips for that flawless resin print job!


Seeking Isopropyl Alternatives? Dive Right In!

We’ve all been there. Hunting for that perfect cleaner. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) reigns supreme, but, gosh, those fumes! And who wants their translucent resin beauties turning foggy? It’s a no from me. With IPA’s price roller-coaster, especially during global crisis times, it’s wise to know your alternatives.

Water-Washable Resin: The New Cool Kid

Opt for water-washable resin, like the admired Elegoo Water Washable Rapid Resin. A breath of fresh air minus the potent odor, though it might dig slightly deeper into your wallet. Word to the wise: ensure the water’s pure and soft, and maybe grab a gentle toothbrush for those intricate nooks and crannies.

Cleaning Sans Isopropyl: The Top Picks

Consider an All-In-One machine, or maybe the ultrasonic cleaner. But the Anycubic Wash & Cure Machine? A game-changer! I’ve got my eyes set on one to elevate my resin game. On the budget side, the Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner does wonders, multitasking across jewelry, eyeglasses, and more! However, be cautious: avoid flammable liquids in ultrasonic cleaners, unless you fancy mini explosions!

Personal Faves: Manual Cleaning

I personally dance with the Lock & Lock 1.4L Pickle Container. Safety first, though! Don those nitrile gloves and keep those precious eyes shielded, especially when dealing with splashy substances.

Cleaning with Mean Green? Absolutely!

Mean Green is a fantastic swap for IPA. Less pungent and pretty efficient. Dip your creation in it, give it a swirl, or for that ultra-clean feel, throw it into an ultrasonic cleaner, rinse, and dry. Watch out for a slightly sticky aftermath though.

The Simple Green Chronicles

Simple Green: a refreshing, less smelly option. The Simple Green Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser? A steal!

Acetone: The Powerhouse

Harsh on the nose, Acetone is a fireball when it comes to cleaning. Ensuring a neat finish, Vaxxen Pure Acetone could be your next purchase. Though, a tip: avoid over-soaking to prevent unsightly white blotches.

Denatured Alcohol: The Dark Horse

A fusion of ethanol and a touch of methanol, this one’s catching up to IPA. Offering pristine, non-tacky finishes, it’s swiftly gaining fans.

Mineral Spirits: A Tentative Choice

Mineral Spirits can do the job but might not be the first choice for every resin enthusiast. They’re not overly flammable, yet caution is key as they might irritate the skin.