How Much Does 3D Printing Cost?

Alright, Carolina the tech enthusiast is here! Let’s dive into the exhilarating world of 3D printing!


When diving into the universe of 3D printing, folks often find themselves scratching their heads, asking, What’s the real price tag for printing something in 3D? Whether you’re keen on crafting a petite statue, or you’re dreaming bigger – envisioning a full-scale mask you can don, the financial aspects can be a tad bewildering. So, this tech-lover took it upon herself to pen down the ins and outs of 3D printing costs, be it with filament or with the magical substance – resin.

In the fortunate event that a 3D printer already sits on your desk, your primary expenses will be the filament and, well, your electricity bill. An object that requires 100 grams of filament? Expect to shell out roughly $2.50, based on a going rate of $25 for a KG of filament. Opting for resin? The same print will be priced at about $4.50 if resin’s rate is $45 per KG.

While material prices remain somewhat steady, do factor in periodic maintenance and, if you’re feeling fancy, some after-print polishing. So, hungry for a deep dive into 3D printing costs? Read on for a comprehensive breakdown.

What’s The Price Tag on A 3D Printer?
Unpacking 3D Printing Materials
Decoding 3D Printing Filament Expenses
Resin in 3D Printing: What’s The Damage?
Additional 3D Printing Expenses
The Must-Haves: Elmer’s Magical Glue, High-Quality Sandpaper Mix, Prime-and-Paint Combo, Colors & Brushes, The Ultimate 3D Cleaning Pack, Essential Oils & Lubricants, Cleaning Essentials, and Back-Up Parts.

How Much Does an Hour of 3D Printing Cost You?
Ever pondered about the costs of some everyday items if they were 3D printed? Let’s take a quick tour!

Price of 3D Printing Miniatures?
For that tiny tabletop warrior? About $0.12!

What About 3D Printing A Phone Protector?
For a snazzy iPhone 6 case with a Halo theme? Just $0.58!

Want to Wear a 3D Printed Helmet?
Step into the shoes of a Stormtrooper for just $37.50!

Or Maybe Flaunt a 3D Printed Mask?
Channel your inner Loki with a mask for only $4.50!

And the list goes on, from shoes to mugs, from Iron Man suits to drones, and even an entire house! The future of 3D printing is vibrant, transformative, and absolutely exhilarating.

Come, embark on this tech journey with Carolina, as we explore the infinite possibilities and magic of 3D printing! Don’t just read about it, experience it! Let the printing adventure begin!