How long does it take to cure 3D resin prints?

When diving into the universe of resin 3D printing, there’s a burning question that many enthusiasts ask: What’s the actual duration required to adequately cure these resin 3D models? As a technology trainee named Carolina, I’m here to shed some light on that precise query! Generally, a typical resin 3D creation requires about 3-5 minutes under a specialized UV curing illumination and rotating platform to be perfectly cured. Miniature resin creations? They’ll be done in a mere 1-2 minutes! However, the more sizable resin projects may demand 5-10 minutes. Do note: higher wattage UV lamps and lighter resin hues expedite the curing process. But, there’s a lot more to delve into, so let’s zoom in!


Is Curing Essential for Resin 3D Models?
Absolutely, post-printing, it’s vital to cure your resin 3D masterpieces. Raw resin is hazardous, posing skin threats, emphasizing the significance of curing to render them safe. Larger creations demand extended curing compared to their smaller counterparts. Ensure consistent rotation during the curing process.

Nature provides an alternative: air-drying or relying on sunlight, although it’s lengthier. Raw resin, if not cured, can provoke skin discomfort or allergies in some folks, so converting it to its stable state is crucial. Not just that, curing enhances a model’s resilience, toughness, and temperature tolerance. Plus, it accentuates and secures the intricate details.

Decoding the Resin Curing Timeline
When curing, you’re primarily choosing between:
– UV curing apparatus
– Mother Nature’s sunlight

Your method and equipment of choice will determine the time. Transparent resins, for instance, cure swifter than their opaque counterparts.

UV Curing Equipment
Favored by many, UV boxes or devices, like the Anycubic Wash & Cure, offer the quickest route. With potent UV beams focusing directly on your masterpiece and usually a rotational mechanism, curing becomes swift and efficient.

For those stepping into this realm, the Comgrow UV Resin Curing Light with Turntable is a wallet-friendly pick. For those seeking more power, there’s the 200W UV Resin Curing Light, known to work its magic in minutes.

Dedicated curing machinery, which sometimes comes with washing capabilities, is another route. The Anycubic Wash & Cure 2 in 1 Machine is a darling among users, combining washing and curing seamlessly.

Using Natural Sunlight
Though it’s a slower approach, sunbathing your models is also an option. Small figurines might need a 2-minute box cure or a sunbath stretching 2 hours. Larger models? Think 8-10 minutes in a box or almost a sun-soaked day.

Identifying Fully-Cured Resin Models
An aptly cured piece feels more plasticky, sporting a matte, non-sticky finish. If it feels tacky with a gloss, it needs more time. Some folks suggest a gentle tap to gauge its rigidity. And always remember, safety first – use gloves.

Curing Resin Models sans UV Light – The Outdoor Approach
Harness the sun! Place your art in sunlight for a few hours, letting nature’s UV waves work their charm. Geographical variations apply – equatorial zones with abundant sunshine fare better. But for consistent curing, consider a UV turntable. Water curing, where the model is submerged, also accelerates the process due to UV rays’ behavior in water.

Curing Timeline on Elegoo or Anycubic
Specialized curing boxes, like the Elegoo Mercury Wash & Cure or the Anycubic Wash & Cure, employ intense UV lamps to outpace direct sunlight. Their specific timelines vary with the model and intricacy.

Miniature Resin Model Curing
Harnessing machines like Anycubic Wash & Cure, mini resin models can be cured within 2 minutes or even less. However, caution is a must as over-curing can make them fragile.

DIY UV Curing Chambers
For those DIY spirits, creating a custom UV curing box can hasten the curing ritual. Always remember, each print might have its nuances, but as you persevere, mastering this craft will seem like second nature.