How many ml is 1kg of resin?

Hey tech enthusiasts! I’m Carolina, your tech-savvy guide into the world of 3D printing. Today, let’s dive deep into the mesmerizing world of 3D printing resin! Have you ever wondered, “How much can I truly print with my resin?” Let’s unveil that mystery.


Deciphering the Resin Mystery: Quantity Matters!
You might find yourself asking, How many creations can I get from a 500ml or 1-liter bottle? Well, darling readers, you’re about to find out!

1 Liter of Resin: How Many Masterpieces Can You Craft?
Rewind a few years, and resin was like gold—pricey and cherished. But as tech evolved and demand surged, prices dropped. Voilà! Now, from 1 liter of this magical liquid, you can craft about 130 miniatures, each standing tall at around an inch. If cubes are your thing (1cm x 1cm), you’re looking at 500 of those little beauties.

Got a favorite slicer software? Throw your STL model in there, and it’ll spill the beans on how much resin you’d be splurging. Among the popular slicer choices, there’s PrusaSlicer, ChiTuBox, and my gem—Lychee Slicer.

Crunching Numbers with Chess
Take a standard 53mm chess rook for instance. You’d only need about 11ml of the liquid marvel. Quick math: With 1 liter, you’re set for a whopping 91 rooks!

500ml Resin: How Long Before I Run Out?
Dabble in small prints consistently, and a 500ml bottle might be your companion for about two weeks. However, indulge in larger prints, and you could be reminiscing about that bottle within days.

Several factors can tweak these numbers: layer height, model orientation, support quantity, and success rate, to name a few. Fancy printing a chess set? A 16-piece set would consume roughly 156ml of resin.

Resin vs Filament: The Eternal Debate
Pit 1 liter of resin against 1 kg of filament, and what do you get? More output mass from the filament! But remember, resin printers usually craft smaller, intricate pieces. Thus, in the practical world, both might last you a similar duration.

And while UV resin is pricier than most filaments, the future might bridge this gap.

Maximizing Your Resin’s Potential
Want your resin to give you more? It’s all about strategy:

Optimize Model Orientation to minimize support needs.
Print Smaller Designs to conserve resin.
Recycle that pristine UV resin.
Hollow Your Models for more prints with less resin.
Be Cautious to avoid spills and unnecessary clean-ups.

Resin’s Expiry: Fact or Fiction?
Like all good things, resin has an end date—typically within a year. But store it right, and you might stretch its lifespan. Though some brave souls venture with resins aged over 18 months, and with some success!

How Much Resin Should I Pour?
It’s a common query. You don’t want to skimp, but overfilling? That’s a mess waiting to happen. Ideally, fill your vat about a third of the way. And if you’re nearing the bottom of the bottle, ensure an even pool of resin in the vat to prevent print fails.