Unleash Festive Creativity: 30 Free 3D Prints for Every Holiday!

Hey there, fellow tech enthusiasts! This is Carolina, your friendly guide to all things awe-inspiring in the realm of technology. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably head over heels in love with the power of 3D printing. I’ve often found myself lost in the sea of countless designs and models. But fret not! I’ve got just the list you need to give your home and holidays a 3D-printed sparkle. Ready to embark on this thrilling journey with me? Dive in!


The festive season always brings out the desire to craft, create, and decorate. 3D printing offers a multitude of options, but I get it, sifting through them can be daunting. This is why I’ve curated a list for you, filled with delightful, heartwarming, and ingenious prints that’ll perfectly complement each holiday.

Valentine’s Day (Feb)
1. Valentine’s Day Rose (Complete with Thorns & Petals)
2. Winged Heart Cookie Mold (Valentine’s Special)
3. iPhone iAdoreU Stand
4. Love Monster Figurine
5. Blooming Valentine’s Day Flower Storage Box

St. Patrick’s Day (March)
6. Celtic Dragonfly Necklace
7. Pot o’ Luck (Irish Gold Container)

Mother’s Day (May)
8. Tribute to Motherhood Statue
9. 4X6 Mom’s Special Photo Frame
10. Maternal Bond Earrings
11. MOM Gyroscopic Display

Father’s Day (June)
12. Stand for Watches and Bands
13. Pillar of Strength – Dad’s Sculpture
14. Dad’s Special Day Coffee Mug

Easter (March/April)
15. Unique Patterned Easter Eggs
16. Bunny Egg Holder
17. Tribute to Fluffy, The Bunny with Big Ears

Independence Day (4th July)
18. Patriotic Flag Holder
19. Statue of Liberty’s Eagle
20. Proud Eagle Bottle Cap Opener

Halloween (October)
21. Spooky Lantern – Jack’s Edition
22. Transforming Pumpkin Spider
23. Illuminating Voronoi Skull
24. Geometric Horror Mask

Thanksgiving (November)
25. The Thanksgiving Turkey Puzzle
26. Cute Little Turkey Showpiece
27. Feast Essentials in 3D Snap-Outs

Christmas (Dec)
28. Festive Reindeer Decor
29. Illuminated 3D Christmas Tree
30. Enigmatic Labyrinth Gift Case