Unveiling the FLSUN QQ-S: A 3D Printing Game-Changer?

Alright, Carolina here, your tech trainee! Let’s dive into the mesmerizing world of 3D printing, shall we?


3D printing is undeniably taking the world by storm, and this upsurge in interest has led to a surge in manufacturers jumping onto the 3D printing bandwagon. Among the frontrunners, we have FLSUN making waves with their captivating FLSUN QQ-S Pro model. This stunner not only boasts an impressive printing dimension of φ230 x 365 mm, making it ideal for an array of creations, but it also comes laden with features designed to make your 3D printing experience seamless, swift, and wireless, thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity. Its robust all-metal design ensures not just longevity but also the finesse required for premium prints.

Design and Build
The sleek, modern aesthetics of the FLSUN QQ-S Pro is a visual treat, and in this deep dive, we’ll explore whether it lives up to the hype. Let’s check out what’s under the hood.

Key Features of the FLSUN QQ-S Pro
– Robust All-Metal Framework
– Mostly Pre-Constructed at 92%
– Lattice Glass Bed
– Rapid Printing with Tri-Axis Coordination
– Power Continuation Capability
– Enhanced 32-Bit Mainboard
– 24v PSU with 15A Power Output
– Titan Feeding Mechanism
– Wireless Command via Wi-Fi

All-Metal Construct
When it comes to durability and precision in mammoth machines, metal is the go-to. The QQ-S Pro offers a robust metal construct, ensuring steadfastness and user safety. Crafted meticulously, this 3D printer is an epitome of reliability.

92% Pre-Constructed
Who doesn’t love convenience? With the QQ-S Pro, much of the legwork is done for you. Unboxing it, you’ll discover it’s majorly pre-built, needing just a touch to be fully operational.

Lattice Glass Bed
The foundation on which your masterpiece is crafted cannot be compromised. Enter the Lattice Glass Bed – ensuring firm grip during the print and effortless detachment once it’s cooled. This ceramic glass is a favorite among 3D printing enthusiasts.

Speedy Printing via Tri-Axis Coordination
Tri-Axis coordination might sound tech-heavy, but it’s the magic wand that grants QQ-S Pro its rapid printing capabilities. Its well-orchestrated structure offers speeds that outpace many in the competition.

Power Continuation Feature
A power glitch mid-print is a creator’s nightmare. Thankfully, the QQ-S Pro has a solution – the power continuation feature. It ensures your print resumes right where it left off post a power hiccup.

Enhanced 32-Bit Mainboard
A step-up from its predecessors, the QQ-S Pro boasts an advanced motherboard which accentuates stepper precision and positioning, guaranteeing top-notch results and tranquility for the user.

24v PSU with 15A Power Output
The integrated power unit in this 3D printer maintains the heated bed temperature consistently. It can sustain a 100°C heat for a whopping 48 hours!

Titan Feeding Mechanism
Flexibility in printing is key. The Titan mechanism ensures smooth filament feeding, adeptly handling a range of filaments.

Wi-Fi Command
Stay wire-free! Control your 3D printer from your smartphone with its nifty Wi-Fi remote feature.

Pros of the FLSUN QQ-S Pro
– Swift setup in approximately 20 minutes
– Effortless auto-leveling; just ensure a clean, pre-heated nozzle
– Impeccable prints right from the get-go
– Operates with a whisper, maintaining noise levels below 50dB
– 32-bit controller for a fluid printing experience
– Stellar printing speeds
– Versatile filament compatibility
– Cooling system for enhanced durability
– Intuitive touchscreen interface
– Each printer undergoes a 48-hour factory test pre-shipping
– Community support via the official FLSUN group
– Thoughtfully packaged with care

Minor Quirks of the FLSUN QQ-S Pro
Some users noted a thin layer of dust on arrival – likely a shipping or storage oversight. A gentle cleaning should resolve this.
Ensure the PSU voltage is set correctly as per the guide to avert potential issues. Non-standard wiring colors may appear a tad unconventional but should pose no operational challenge. Minor tweaks, like adding insulating tape at certain points, may be required. For those eyeing dual extruder upgrades, a motherboard switch might be necessary.

Specifications of the FLSUN QQ-S Pro
Build Volume: 260 (D) x 365 (H) mm
Extruders: Single
Print Speed: 10-310mm/s
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm (alternate options available)
Max Nozzle Temp: 275°C
Max Heated Bed Temp: 115°C
Layer Precision: 0.05-0.4mm
Filament Width: 1.75 mm
Supported Materials: PLA, ABS, flexible, HIPS, wood, PVA
Connectivity: SD card and USB
Display: 3.3″ Vibrant touchscreen
Auto-Leveling: One-click with sensor
Supported Software: Cura, Repetier-Host
OS Compatibility: Mac OSX, Windows
File Formats: G-Code, OBJ, STL
Input Power: 110 / 220V
Output Power: 24V
Dimensions: 295 x 355 x 810mm

Feedback from the Community
Many appreciate the QQ-S Pro’s beginner-friendly nature. Its material versatility, from PLA to PETG and TPU, coupled with impressive speeds, makes it a favorite. A few faced leveling issues over prolonged usage, but troubleshooting often resolves this. Its auto-leveling feature is generally hassle-free. Freedom for upgrades and a decent 4.2/5.0 rating make it a commendable choice.

Remember to always dive deep, explore, and stay curious, dear tech enthusiasts!