Ender-3 Neo & HALOT-RAY – The Future of 3D Printing!

Let’s jump into Carolina’s world of tech and innovation!


Creality, bursting with innovation, unveils its latest marvels today – the fresh Ender-3 Neo lineup and the stunning HALOT-RAY resin printer, not to mention some fascinating accessories at their mid-year refresh gala. Moreover, get ready for the revolutionary Creality Sonic Pad – an intelligent tablet crafted for a flawless Klipper firmware interaction. It’s set to hit the shelves later this year!

Imagine being at the forefront of the 3D printing revolution and witnessing Creality introduce not one, not two, but three spectacular models of the Ender-3 Neo series and HALOT-RAY resin printer during a live stream extravaganza. Dubbed the “Embrace the Future with NEO-Creality”, this summer gala showcases tailor-cut enhancements and groundbreaking upgrades, ensuring a transformative journey for 3D print fans.

Dive Deeper into the Ender-3 Neo Lineup:
– Ender-3 Neo: Upping the game from its predecessor, Ender-3 Pro, it now boasts a whisper-quiet mainboard to ensure peaceful printing sessions. Plus, with its innovative wavy-fin heat sink, it promises quick heat dissipation, eliminating the risk of tube blockages.

– Ender-3 V2 Neo: Standing as the luxe version of Ender-3 V2, it flaunts a 4.3-inch vibrant knob display, refreshed with an intuitive UI that previews models, making the printing visualization process a breeze. And for those diving into the 3D printing realm, its 120mm/s print speed makes it an absolute darling.

– Ender-3 Max Neo: Representing a holistic upgrade of the Ender-3 Max, it offers a generous build volume of 300 x 300 x 320mm. Its dual Z-axis, paired with motors, pledges impeccable print precision and unmatched quality. Also, it integrates a potent 350W power unit that boosts both operational steadiness and print finesse.

The Ender-3 Neo range also comes with robust full-metal Bowden extruders, ensuring stellar extrusion strength. Plus, the inclusion of the CR-Touch auto-leveling system offers a dream-like print bed leveling adventure.

For the tech-savvy engineers, creatives, and budding enterprises out there, Creality is soon unveiling Ender-5 S1, a crowning jewel of the Ender series, packed with elite features. Expect a Sprite direct extruder and blazing-fast print speeds!

Creality Sonic Pad Unleashed:
For those who’ve faced the Klipper installation hiccup, the Creality Sonic Pad is your knight in shining armor. This integrated touchscreen tablet, set to release later this year, promises print speeds that are 2-5 times faster, depending on your printer and filament choice. And for those with Ender-3 V2 and its siblings, connecting with Sonic Pad is a mere tap away!

HALOT-RAY Resin Printer:
After relentless development cycles, the HALOT brand brings you the HALOT-RAY, embedded with their proprietary 2nd-gen Integral Light Source tech. If high-precision, large-scale prints are your thing, its 9.25-inch, 6k resolution screen is a match made in heaven.

Creality’s Expanding Universe – Peripherals & More:
Alongside the printers, Creality drops the CR-Laser Falcon – an expert-grade laser engraver that pushes the boundaries of artistry. Armed with a powerful 10W laser module, it can slice through wooden panels of up to 12mm in a single pass. And with safety features onboard, it’s a blend of power and peace of mind.

As if that wasn’t enough, Creality dazzles with a myriad of accessories to supercharge your 3D printers, including the high-temp resistant Spider Hotend and a diverse filament collection under the ‘Better Filament Plan’.

Creality Cloud 2.0:
The Creality Cloud is not just a platform; it’s a universe! Whether it’s model downloads, cloud slicing, or remote printer control, it’s got you covered. And with its recently launched Designer Partnership Program, 3D artists worldwide have a new home.

Pricing Deets:
Eager to get your hands on these? Check out store.creality.com for US customers and store.creality.com/de for European tech enthusiasts. Plus, they’re available on Amazon and partner stores.