Unlocking Elegoo Mercury Plus: Is This 3D Print Tool a Game-Changer?

Hey tech lovers, it’s Carolina! Dive into the universe of resin 3D printing which, let’s admit, can sometimes be a sticky business, especially for the newbies out there. But don’t fret! The Elegoo Mercury Plus 2-In-One is zooming into the scene as a darling for many. Addressing that pesky dilemma, they’ve aimed to curb our frustrations and, believe me, they’ve nailed it! So, grab your techie hats because we’re about to explore this gadget, determining if it’s the one to revolutionize your resin printing collection. Many users are raving about the time, effort, and resources saved, so why not see if you could join the fan club?


Keep those eyes peeled because we’re zooming into an insightful review, highlighting its features, perks, the occasional hiccup, specs, and the voice of its current family.

Features of the Elegoo Mercury Plus 2-in-1:
– Built-in Wash Platform
– 16 Powerhouse UV Curing Lamp Beads
– All-round 360° Spin Turntable
– Super Intuitive Touchscreen & Stellar Control
– Versatile Adjustable Bracket
– Top Lid Safety Alert System
– Extensive Compatibility Range

Wash with Ease!
The Elegoo Mercury Plus shines bright with a ready-to-go build plate holder tailored for all Elegoo Mars Resin 3D Printers. Enjoy a hassle-free washing experience, as there’s no need to separate the print from the build plate. Safety first: it minimizes direct encounters with the uncured resin. Adjust the bracket’s height, immerse it to your desired liquid level, hang atop the pillar, and watch the magic happen!

16 UV Curing Lamp Beads
Featuring 8 units each of 405nm & 385nm UV curing beads, they guarantee swift and flawless curing, enabling UV rays to dance through the resin effortlessly. Got a big project? No worries, but allocate a bit more time for the UV rays to weave their magic.

360° Rotating Turntable
With its turntable performing a full 360° twirl, expect a uniformly cured masterpiece! Harmonizing with robust UV curing lights, your 3D print dreams are set to come true, ensuring an impeccable finish every time.

Touch, Tap, and Go!
Command this marvel through its ultra-responsive touchscreen. Nestled at its base is a sleek TFT LCD screen, around 0.96 inches. Fine-tune your wash or cure settings, and let the device guide you with real-time progress.

Adjustable Bracket
For those times when your model’s off the build plate, just place it on the adjustable bracket, and kick-start the cleanse! Its spacious design welcomes models up to 160mm, allowing multiple washes simultaneously. Save on those IPA levels by simply adjusting the bracket’s height.

Top Lid Detection Safety
Eyes are precious, and Elegoo knows it! The sturdy anti-UV acrylic lid works overtime, blocking almost 99.95% of harmful UV rays. And if you’re the curious type, opening the lid mid-process triggers an immediate halt, ensuring safety against harmful UV exposure.

Universal Compatibility
The crown jewel of Elegoo Mercury Plus 2-in-1? Regardless of your resin 3D printer model – be it LCD, DLP, or SLA – this gadget promises impeccable compatibility. Beyond Elegoo, it’s friends with Anycubic Photons, Creality resin printers, and so many others!

Upsides of this Tech Marvel:
– Bestows your creations with a pristine and sturdy finish.
– Two power-packed functionalities in one sleek machine.
– Delivering superior outcomes while conserving your time, energy, and money.
– Washes models with or without the build platform.
– Ability to calibrate UV light frequencies to match your print’s needs.
– Swift curing for petite models.
– Eco-friendly with the adjustable bracket system.
– Ensures a consistent curing experience with the 360° rotating turntable.
– Friendly with a majority of LCD, DLP, SLA 3D printers out there.

What Needs a Tweak?:
– Might not be the best buddy for water-washable resin models.
– Ensures perfection for models within 125 x 85 x 160mm.
– Initial motor sounds might surprise you but bear with it; it finds its calm!
– Container clasps could feel sturdier.
– Remember, it defaults to the curing mode, so always double-check.

Specs for the Geeks:
– Brand: Elegoo
– Splash of Color: Trendy Yellow
– Material: Durable Aluminum
– Control: Touch Button Central
– Compatibility: Embraces LCD, DLP, SLA 3D Printers
– Purpose: Dual – Curing & Washing
– Max. Washing Model Dimensions: 125 x 85 x 160mm
– UV Wavelengths: 405nm & 385nm
– Power Up With: 48W
– Dimensions: (L) 200mm x (W) 200mm x (H) 352mm
– Weight: A breezy 4.8 Kg

The Voice of the Users
Echoing a robust 4.7/5.0 rating, many are hailing the Elegoo Mercury Plus as a game-changer. One user praised its price-to-performance ratio, lauding the efficient washing process. The LED brightness, reduced IPA usage, and minimal residue also bagged brownie points.

So, is the Elegoo Mercury Plus 2-in-1 a Keeper?
For a modest $120, this washing and curing powerhouse is a steal. With its robust UV beads, wide compatibility, user-friendly features, and top-notch safety mechanisms, it’s making waves in the resin 3D printing cosmos.