Master Elegoo Mars/Pro 2: Solutions for Perfect 3D Prints Every Time!

Alright, Carolina here, with some spicy tech tips for those of you navigating the thrilling world of 3D printing! Let’s dive right in!


If you’re the proud owner of an Elegoo Mars, there are times you might face a hiccup or two. But hey, most of these are totally manageable if you arm yourself with the right techniques. So, for you, I’ve delved deep to uncover solutions to those Elegoo Mars challenges you might bump into. Let’s walk through them, shall we?

Elegoo Mars Challenges & Fixes

Print Detaching from Build Plate
Ever found your print playing truant and jumping off the build plate? Been there, done that! Here’s the deal:
– Check your bottom layer settings. Ideally, aim for 4-6 layers.
– Got a hefty resin model? Perhaps scale it down or hollow it out.
– Ensure all supports are connected well to the print. Add manual supports if needed.
– Strengthen your supports; increase their density if required.
– Level out that plate and ensure it’s super clean for max adhesion.
– Contemplate the model orientation – balance its weight!

Prints Sticking to FEP Film
Resin prints not leaving the FEP film? I’ve got the lowdown.
– Tilt your model about 20-45 degrees away from the surface. This helps minimize the contact with the FEP film.
– Ensure the FEP film isn’t too slack or taut.
– A touch of PTFE lube might just do the trick!
– Perhaps reduce your Z-lift speed.

Printing Only Supports
Got only the supports and none of the actual model? Fret not:
– Increase the support density and their size.
– Ensure your resin quality is top-notch. Shake it up good before use!
– Ponder about upping your normal exposure times by 20-50%.

Complete Printing No-Show
Printer drawing blanks? Here are some quick fixes:
– Inspect your LCD or UV light display.
– Check your FEP sheet for cured resin.
– Ensure your resin isn’t too old or separated.
– Dial in the perfect exposure time.

Layer Separation due to Suction Pressure
Experienced the wrath of suction pressure? Let’s address it:
– Optimize your print orientation.
– Hollow out your model and add drain holes.
– Ensure your print walls are sufficiently thick.

Build Plate Stability
If your build plate’s going off-balance:
– Re-level it.
– Tighten those screws!
– Keep it spick and span.

Horizontal Lines on Prints
Got unsightly lines marring your print? Here’s what to do:
– Load up on supports.
– Minimize drastic surface area differences in your prints.
– Ensure correct and consistent resin settings.
– Keep that build plate steady!

Low Temp Resin Printing
If your resin’s too cold to cooperate:
– Warm it up by placing the bottle in hot water.
– Consider using a space heater or increasing room temp.

Extra Quick Fixes for Elegoo Mars
– Try PrusaSlicer instead of ChiTuBox.
– Hollow out your models to prevent printing fails.
– For optimal results, keep your resin temp around 70°F (21°C).
– Add manual supports when your slicer doesn’t suffice.
– Some suggest using tape around the screen edges to prevent the print from sticking to the FEP.

So, there you have it! With these handy pointers, you should be all set to conquer any Elegoo Mars issues that come your way. Happy printing, tech enthusiasts!