Unleashing Brilliance: HALOT-ONE PLUS Transforms WorldSkills 2022!

Creality’s sparkling lineup of HALOT-ONE PRO resin printers dazzled all at the additive tech showdown of WorldSkills Competition 2022 Exclusive Edition, taking place from Oct. 13 to 16 in the vibrant city of Soest, Germany.


Wearing their techie caps, the participants, armed with the HALOT-ONE PRO and the UW-02 cleansing & refining station generously provided by Creality – a proud silver patron, finetune their ingenious designs swiftly, paving their way to crafting their envisioned final pieces, sidestepping any tedious milling and turning. The WorldSkills fest, known for its global vocational stature, this time around parades 62 talent challenges, notably introducing the realm of additive craftsmanship, or as most adore calling it, 3D printing. This arena lures fervent enthusiasts from four powerhouse nations: Germany, India, China, and Singapore.

Now, let’s delve deep into the prowess of the HALOT-ONE PRO and UW-02 that aids these tech-savvy participants. HALOT-ONE PRO Resin Printer
With HALOT-ONE PRO at the helm, ultra-fine model intricacies get brought to life via the advanced MSLA 3D printing mechanism.

This cutting-edge unified light source catapults light consistency to an impressive 90%. The vibrant 4K LCD monitor assures a pinpoint 0.04mm XY-axis accuracy, enabling the crafting of micro-grips between 0.1-0.3mm. These stellar specs empower participants to churn out robust and intricate models of unmatched caliber. AD

And wait, the HALOT-ONE PRO goes a step beyond with its cloud printing flair. Once tethered to the web via its inbuilt Wi-Fi, you can command this printer straight from the Creality Cloud APP on your smartphone or via Creality Cloud Web on your computer. This seamlessly supports cloud slicing, hassle-free printing, and real-time monitoring. Cherry on top? Dive into a whopping 200k+ model reservoir in the cloud, ready to be utilized.

Here’s a quick snapshot of HALOT-ONE PRO’s standout features:
Unified Light Source, ensuring a stellar 90+% light consistency
4K LCD display, guaranteeing 0.04mm XY-axis sharpness
172102160mm crafting space, an ample playground for inventors
ARM Cortex™-M4 MCU, delivering potent computational prowess
Seamless Wi-Fi connectivity and effortless command via Creality Cloud
Inter-compatible slicers: HALOT BOX, LycheeSlicer, ChiTuBox
14 user-friendly interface languages. AD

UW-02 Wash & Refine Station
UW-02 emerges as the perfect 2-in-1 wash and refine hub, beautifully complementing any resin printer.

For the washing function, it boasts a spacious 190x154x200mm vat equipped with an integrated propeller and an accessory kit. It effortlessly cleans off resin remnants from creations using alcohol. When it comes to refining, a potent array of 18 UV LEDs cast upon a rotating platform takes charge. Just set it into motion and let the magic unfold. The wash and refine functionalities are a breeze to configure and switch between. Truly, with UW-02, the post-processing of resin models becomes child’s play. AD

Peering ahead, Creality vows to champion more additive tech championships, fuelling the 3D printing movement and broadening its horizon for all. About WorldSkills Event

Snapshot: Additive tech challenge starring Creality HALOT-ONE PRO
The esteemed WorldSkills Event, often dubbed as the Skills Olympics, stands as the pinnacle vocational skill fest that graces our planet biennially. It’s a spectacular arena for budding talents to flaunt their prowess, setting novel standards of excellence. Snapshot: Brave contenders of the additive tech challenge. Courtesy of the global health scenario, this year’s showdown adopts the title WorldSkills Competition 2022 Exclusive Edition, encompassing 62 talent bouts scattered across 15 nations and territories from 7 September to 26 November 2022. About Creality AD

Fueled by the aspiration to “ushering 3D printing into every household, paving the way for an innovative age of artistry”, Creality remains steadfast in its commitment to crafting value for its vast user base and weaving a brighter, tech-infused tomorrow. This drives its relentless pursuit in refining 3D printing tools, enhancing the Creality Cloud, and fostering a thriving 3D printing ecosystem.