Unlocking Hollow 3D Prints: Guide to Lightweight STL Mastery!

Hey tech enthusiasts! It’s Carolina, your resident tech-lover, diving deep into the mesmerizing world of 3D printing. Ever pondered about making those intricate 3D prints lightweight? Or maybe you’re curious if hollow 3D printing is even a possibility? Let’s untangle the knots and delve into the world of hollow 3D printing.


Can We Print Hollow 3D Objects?
Hollowing STL Files & 3D Prints Unveiled
Making STL Files Hollow with Meshmixer
Hollow Techniques for STL Files in Cura
Blender’s Approach to Hollowing STL Files
Hollowing Fun in 3D Builder
3D Printing a Tube or Cylinder, Can We?

Can We Print Hollow 3D Objects?
Absolutely! By tweaking the infill density to a mere 0% in your slicer or manipulating the STL file or model within specific software, hollow 3D printing becomes a breeze. Tools like Cura & PrusaSlicer are a dream come true for this, just input 0% infill and you’re set. But with software champs like Meshmixer, use the dedicated hollow function. And for those using resin 3D printers, software gems like Lychee Slicer come armed with a built-in hollowing feature. Whether you want to export the hollowed file as STL for other marvels or just to print, the choice is yours! But remember, when working with hollowed resin 3D prints, it’s essential to ensure drainage points.

Ever wondered How to Hollow Resin 3D Prints Efficiently? Don’t worry, I’ve got that covered in another article!

Making STL Files Hollow with Meshmixer
Meshmixer, the 3D model wizard, is not just about crafting and optimizing 3D models but also an ace at hollowing STL files. Here’s how you roll with Meshmixer:
– Launch your chosen 3D design
– Hit “Edit” on the navigation bar
– Select the “Hollow” magic wand
– Define your wall’s thickness
– If resin printing is your game, pick the number and dimensions of the exit points.
– Now, “update hollow” and then “Generate holes” to churn out a model based on your preferences.
– Save it in your desired format and you’re done!

Hollow Techniques for STL Files in Cura
Cura, the most loved 3D printing slicer has got you covered. Here’s how to roll with Cura:
– Launch your model
– Shift your infill density to a big 0%

Or, dabble with the Vase Mode or its other name, “Spiralize Outer Contour”. Activate this, and your model prints with a single wall and base, sans infill or top. Magic, right?

Blender’s Approach to Hollowing STL Files
With Blender, it’s a walk in the park! Just launch your model, navigate to Modifiers > Solidify > Thickness, then punch in your desired wall thickness. A wall thickness ranging from 1.2-1.6mm is typically recommended for hollowed prints. However, for those wanting robust prints, 2mm or more is your go-to. Remember, Blender isn’t just a typical 3D graphic software, but a treasure trove for many tasks including hollowing STL!

Hollowing Fun in 3D Builder
3D Builder offers two thrilling routes to hollowing – The Hollow Tool and the Subtraction Method.
For Hollow Tool enthusiasts:
– Click on the “Edit” menu
– Press the “Hollow” command
– Define your Minimal Wall Thickness
– And voila! Press “Hollow”!

But if Subtraction Method is more your style:
– Duplicate the initial model
– Scale using numbered scale or by tugging the expansion points
– Shift the smaller-scaled model into the primary model’s heart
– Now, smash the “Subtract” button!

3D Printing a Tube or Cylinder, Can We?
Yes, we can! Whether you want ready-to-use designs from platforms like Thingiverse or craft your own using Blender’s Curve/Bevel features or even the Spin Tool, the sky’s the limit. Want a sneak peek into designing with Bevel Tools or crafting 3D pipes with Spin? Stay tuned!

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Hope you enjoyed this tech ride with me, Carolina! Keep innovating, keep printing!