The Best Transparent & Clear PLA Filaments

Eager to dive into the mesmerizing world of 3D printing with translucent and lucid materials? Allow me, Carolina, your tech enthusiast, to guide you through this exciting journey. I’m here to shed some light on the finest translucent filaments available today, whether they’re PLA, PETG, or ABS. While most translucent filaments might not achieve perfect clarity due to 3D printing’s inherent layering and infill, there are techniques to enhance their translucency post-printing. Keep reading to explore the ins and outs of today’s available translucent filaments!


Top Translucent PLA Filaments
Sunlu Luminous PLA Filament
Geeetech Shiny Filament

Highlights for Sunlu Luminous PLA Filament:
For those wanting a top-notch translucent PLA, Sunlu’s Luminous PLA is a standout. It boasts a superior winding mechanism that ensures smooth printing without any jams. Furthermore, it promises no bubbles and ensures fabulous layer bonding. It sports a precision of +/- 0.2mm, excellent for 1.75mm filaments.

Recommended printing parameters: 200-230°C (print) and 50-65°C (bed). Users vouch for its consistency and effortless printing. Its gentle translucency beautifully illuminates LED backlight components.

Highlights for Geeetech Shiny Filament:
Another favorite among tech enthusiasts is Geeetech’s Shiny Filament. Its precision stands at +/- 0.03mm. Compatible with most 1.75mm filament 3D printers, it offers a fuss-free printing experience. The makers assert its resistance to clogging and bubbles, resulting in impeccable prints.

Recommended printing parameters: 185-215°C (print) and 25-60°C (bed). The filament’s package ensures minimal moisture content, thanks to vacuum sealing with desiccants. Users frequently highlight its commendable transparency and consistent extrusion.

Top Transparent PETG Filaments
SUNLU Lustrous PETG Filament
Polymaker Gleaming PETG Filament
OVERTURE Luminous PETG Filament

Details for SUNLU Lustrous PETG Filament:
When searching for transparent PETG filaments, SUNLU’s Lustrous PETG is hard to miss. Combining the best of PLA and ABS, this filament shines in durability, strength, and user-friendliness.

Recommended printing parameters: 220-250°C (print) and 75-85°C (bed). Its optimal transparency can be achieved with models having zero infill.

Insight into Polymaker Gleaming PETG Filament:
Polymaker’s Gleaming PETG Filament is another noteworthy option. It offers more strength and heat resistance compared to average filaments.

Recommended printing parameters: 235°C (print) and 70°C (bed). It’s an eco-friendly choice, arriving on a fully recycled cardboard spool. Users often point out its strength but suggest dialing in settings for optimal clarity.

Top Clear ABS Filaments
Hatchbox Crystal Clear ABS Filament
HATCHBOX Obsidian ABS Filament

Hatchbox Crystal Clear ABS Filament Details:
For those leaning towards clear ABS filaments, Hatchbox’s Crystal Clear ABS is a must-try. Renowned for its durability and impact resistance, this filament stands out.

Recommended printing parameters: 210-240°C (print) and 100°C (bed). Users often laud its near-perfect transparency during prints, especially when compared to its rivals.

HATCHBOX Obsidian ABS Filament Overview:
Another favorite is HATCHBOX’s Obsidian ABS Filament, recognized for its strength and flexibility.

Recommended printing parameters: 210-240°C (print) and 90°C (bed). ABS filaments must be stored in cool, dry spaces to maintain quality. Users often mention its unique color and glossy finish at elevated temperatures.

Creative 3D Printing Ideas with Transparent Filaments:
Folded Light Shade
Hex Twist Vase
Luminous Crystal Lamp
Illuminated Star of Noel
Aquatic Jellyfish
Modular Storage Cubes

Optimal Infill for Transparent Filaments:
The inner structure, or infill, determines the model’s density. The ideal infill for clear filaments is the Gyroid pattern, known for its unique curvaceous design. Users often recommend either a 0% or 100% infill percentage to achieve the best transparency results.

Now, embark on your 3D printing adventure and watch your creations come alive with these beautiful translucent filaments!