Can Ender 3 use 1mm nozzle?

Optimal Adjustments for a 1mm Nozzle – Dive into Cura


Let me guide you to the ideal adjustments for a 1mm nozzle:
Layer Height: 0.5mm (ranging from 0.25-0.75mm)
Line Width: 0.8-1.2mm (80-120% of nozzle diameter)
Wall Thickness: Choose from 1mm, 2mm, or 3mm (multiples of the 1mm nozzle dimension)
Print Speed: Ideally 30-35mm/s
Retraction Length: Between 2mm-7mm (more for Bowden, lesser for Direct Drive)
Retraction Velocity: A sweet spot of 35-60mm/s
Coasting: Turned on (to counteract stringing or oozing)

For those in search of a top-tier 1mm nozzle, the Aokin 1.0mm MK8 Extruder Nozzle stands out. This gem is a fit for numerous 3D printers, like the famed Ender 3, Ender 5, CR-10, and Prusa i3, just to name a few.

Many tech enthusiasts are raving about its performance. It dispenses filament seamlessly and integrates effortlessly with your 3D printer.

Ideal Layer Height for a 1mm Nozzle
For techies using a 1mm nozzle, the consensus is a layer height of about 0.5mm. It strikes a perfect balance between swift printing and stunning quality. The layer height is essentially the stature of each layer of your masterpiece.

There’s a golden rule: your layer height should be roughly 25-75% of the nozzle dimension. Based on experience and feedback, the 0.5mm layer height is a win-win for most, especially when using filament 3D printers. But feel free to experiment and tweak this for your specific project’s needs!

Preferred Line Width for a 1mm Nozzle
For that impeccable line width with a 1mm nozzle, aim for 80-120% of the nozzle’s diameter, translating to 0.8-1.2mm. Remember, it’s a dance of aesthetics and strength, so testing will be your best friend here!

Top Wall Thickness for a 1mm Nozzle
The sweet spot for wall thickness? It’s multiples of the nozzle dimension, so think 1mm, 2mm, or even 3mm. The more robust the wall, the stronger and more durable your creation!

Prime Print Speed for a 1mm Nozzle
Given the amount of filament to melt, I’d suggest a speed around 35mm/s or slightly less for a 1mm nozzle and 0.5mm layer height. But hey, if you have a beast of a hotend, you might push that limit further.

Optimal Retraction Length for a 1mm Nozzle
The best retraction length dances between 2-7mm, but this truly hinges on your setup: Bowden or Direct Drive. A retraction test is always a good idea to nail this setting!

Preferred Retraction Velocity for a 1mm Nozzle
Aiming for 30-60mm/s will most likely yield the best results in terms of retraction speed for a 1mm nozzle. It’s another setting worth playing around with to fine-tune your 3D printing.

Top Coasting Tips for a 1mm Nozzle
Experiencing stringing or oozing? Coasting could be your answer! Check default settings first and then adjust as needed. Coasting can genuinely transform your 3D prints!