Master the Stick: Top Glues for Flawless 3D Resin Print Repairs!

Ever been in that spot where you gaze upon your resin 3D prints and notice they aren’t as robust as filament prints? And then the question pops up – how do I mend them if they snap? Ah, the woes of a techie like me! I’ve seen my share of resin print mishaps, and I’ve been on a quest to nail the perfect fix. Epoxy glue is your go-to! Combine those epoxy elements, slather it on your resin print, and behold the magic – a bond so solid, it’s built to last. Sure, superglue is handy, but the bond’s might isn’t quite there. Dive in for a journey of adhesives and techniques – let’s bond over bonding!


How to Adhere UV Resin Components Perfectly?
– Superglue
– Epoxy Resin
– UV Resin Fusion
– Silicone Adhesives & Polyurethane
– Thermal Glue

The gold standard for sticking 3D resin prints? Use the resin itself. Bring in the cavalry – a potent UV flashlight or UV light box – for proper setting and curing. After it’s set, just smooth out any roughness for that pristine finish. Among the other trusty sidekicks for this mission? Superglue, silicone adhesives, epoxy resin, and our good ol’ glue gun.

Now, why the need to mend resin 3D prints? Maybe it took a tumble, or perhaps you were just a tad enthusiastic with it – snap! It’s heart-wrenching when our print projects face such tragedies, but with the right adhesive, we can breathe life back into them.

Sometimes, we adhere UV resin components for large-scale models. Printing in segments and then using our trusty adhesives brings our masterpieces to life. Gluing can be tricky, though. Choose your glue wisely; some seamlessly blend in, while others might leave a mark.

Each adhesive has its charm and quirks, so finding your perfect match is key. Before embarking on this bonding journey, ensure your prints are squeaky clean. Oh, and never forget safety first; resin and some glues can be a tad tricky to handle. Suit up with gloves and goggles when diving into this craft.

Best Adhesives for Resin 3D Prints:
Superglue – It’s versatile, great for most prints, but not for those bendy ones. It forms a sturdy layer but might crack if flexed too much. After use, sanding and cleaning are crucial for a sleek finish. One of my go-tos? Gorilla Glue Clear Superglue.

Epoxy Resin – Superglue is fab, but epoxy resin? It’s in a league of its own. Especially when dealing with delicate parts. A tip from a fellow tech geek who swears by epoxy for his D&D miniatures? The J-B Weld KwikWeld Quick Setting Steel Reinforced Epoxy is a game-changer.

UV Resin Fusion – Here’s a fun twist: use the same resin you printed with. Just ensure your UV light can pierce through to cure it. Apply, press, hold, and voila! Perfect bonding. Keep in mind, though; it might not work wonders on opaque resin prints.

Silicone Adhesives & Polyurethane – Strong bond, easy to use, but might require a thicker layer for that sturdy connection. While the bond is solid, it can sometimes be visible. An option? Dap All-Purpose 100% Silicone Adhesive Sealant.

Thermal Glue – Simple and effective, with a quick cool-down. Just remember, the glue might be slightly visible on your print. Always clean and prep before application. A recommendation? The Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit. It’s a savior in many of my projects.