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When it comes to selecting the perfect 3D printing platform for your needs, it can sometimes feel like navigating a maze. I, Carolina, remember the days when I too grappled with the myriad choices available. I’ve always been keen on understanding the trending choices and the reasons behind their popularity. My aim is to shed light on various 3D printer platform types to help you find your ideal match.


The surfaces that I’ll be highlighting today include:





While there’s a sea of choices out there, these stand out as the top contenders for most 3D printing enthusiasts.

If you’re seeking a quick suggestion, I personally adore using borosilicate glass atop an aluminum plate for various materials. For those venturing into advanced materials, Garolite might be your new best friend. Glass offers not only heat resilience and longevity but also gives your creations that lustrous sheen which is a joy to behold.

Pricing-wise, while they occupy a mid-tier spot, you could alternatively opt for cost-effective picture frame glass. It might not last as long, but it surely gets things rolling.

So, let’s delve into these surfaces starting with the glossy allure of glass!

Glass Surface

When you think of a glass platform, four kinds might come to mind:

Borosilicate Glass

Tempered Glass

Standard Frame Glass


Glass has enamored many due to its ability to produce smooth and reflective finishes on their creations. The darling of many is undoubtedly the borosilicate glass, with properties that make it a preferred choice for 3D printing. However, even the humble picture frame glass or mirror varieties have their loyalists, given their affordability.

PEI Surface

PEI is undeniably a fan-favorite, boasting ease of application and impressive versatility. Many, including myself, often layer PEI atop borosilicate glass platforms. The adhesive backings on PEI sheets are an added bonus, allowing for swift installation. A simple swipe with isopropyl alcohol keeps it ready for round after round of printing.

BuildTak Surface

Renowned in the 3D printing realm, BuildTak ensures easy setup, compatibility with diverse materials, and has a robust lifespan. The added magnetic base feature is just the cherry on top!

Creality Magnetic Surface

Creality’s magnetic platforms are a godsend, especially for their printer models like Ender 3 or Ender 5. The joy of simply bending the surface to retrieve your print is unmatched. This textured surface, while perfect for PLA, should be used with care for materials like PETG.

Garolite Surface

For those venturing into advanced materials, Garolite, akin to materials used in circuit boards, is an exciting prospect. Specifically designed to combat warping in high-temperature materials, many top-tier 3D printers come equipped with Garolite for this very reason.