Unveiling Top Airbrush Picks & Paints for 3D Printed Treasures!

Hey tech enthusiasts! It’s Carolina here, and I’m bubbling with excitement to bring you my insights on painting 3D prints and tiny figurines. When I first dipped my toes into the vast ocean of 3D print painting, it felt like deciphering a new language. While most of us are familiar with using spray cans and the vibrant acrylic colors, I discovered a game-changer: the magic of airbrushing. Trust me, though; finding a consistently high-quality airbrush and paint combo isn’t a walk in the park!


So, for my fellow tech-lovers, I’ve compiled a list of the crème de la crème of airbrushes and paints perfect for 3D prints and miniatures. I was captivated by Charlie Behre’s work where a simple Rainbow Silk filament vase was transformed using a Gold Silk filament airbrushed with dual tones. It’s like comparing apples and space rockets!

Top Airbrush Picks for 3D Prints & Miniatures:
– Master Airbrush Cool Runner II Dual
– Iwata-Medea Revolution CR Dual Action
– Master Airbrush Model G79

Prime Airbrush Paints for 3D Prints & Miniatures:
– TIMBERTECH Professional Airbrush Paint
– Vallejo Acrylic 16 Airbrush Paint Set
– Arteza Acrylic Paint Set

Best Air Brush Compressors for Miniature Painting & 3D Prints:
– TIMBERTECH Upgraded Single-Piston Compressor
– California Air Tools Compressor

Dive into the Master Airbrush Cool Runner II Dual package, available on Amazon, and you’ll find an entire universe of tools to kickstart your painting journey. For beginners, this kit is a boon, and the whopping 4.7/5.0 Amazon rating with a majority of 5-star reviews stands testament. Many users, including me, were pleasantly surprised by the professional quality of the kit, especially the Master Airbrush Model MAS G22, G25, and E91. Not to mention, the Master TC-320 Compressor is an absolute star with its quiet operation. Tip from a friend: Stick to the cleaning brushes provided; no improvising!

The Iwata-Medea Revolution CR Dual Action airbrush is another masterpiece, priced around $100. What’s not to love about its ergonomic design, smooth operation, and rave reviews on Amazon?

On the more affordable side, the Master Airbrush Model G79 stands out. With three different tip sizes and a decent Amazon rating, this little gem is easy to clean and perfect for those on a budget.

Now, let’s talk color. The TIMBERTECH Professional Airbrush Paint set is a crowd-favorite with its sharp hues and impressive pigmentation. If you’re leaning towards a premium paint option, the Vallejo Acrylic 16 Airbrush Paint Set is worth every penny. Lastly, for the value seekers, the Arteza Acrylic Paint Set offers fantastic quality without burning a hole in your pocket.

Last but not least, the heart of airbrushing: the compressor. The TIMBERTECH Upgraded Single-Piston Compressor has earned its spot with its impressive build and performance. For those seeking something even more robust, the California Air Tools Compressor might just be your match made in heaven.

Now, I hope this little guide helps you navigate the world of 3D print painting a bit easier. Go out there and create some magic with colors, and remember, it’s all about enjoying the journey and the tech that comes with it! ️ Happy painting!