Unlock 3D Printing: Top Scanner Apps for iPhone & Android!

Oh, how the world of 3D printing has evolved! And with it, the art and science of 3D scanning for 3D printing have transformed leaps and bounds. Dive with me, Carolina, your tech trainee, into the wonders of the most innovative 3D scanner apps for 3D printing that can provide you with stellar outcomes.


Outstanding 3D Scanner Apps Tailored for 3D Printing
1. Scandy Pro
– Benefits of Scandy Pro
– Limitations of Scandy Pro
– Users’ Insights on Scandy Pro

2. Qlone
– Benefits of Qlone
– Limitations of Qlone
– Users’ Insights on Qlone

3. Polycam
– Benefits of Polycam
– Limitations of Polycam
– Users’ Insights on Polycam

4. Trnio
– Benefits of Trnio
– Limitations of Trnio
– Users’ Insights on Trnio

Pioneering 3D Scanner Software for 3D Printing
1. Meshroom
– Benefits of Meshroom
– Limitations of Meshroom
– Users’ Insights on Meshroom

2. RealityCapture
– Benefits of RealityCapture
– Limitations of RealityCapture
– Users’ Insights on RealityCapture

3. 3DF Zephyr
– Benefits of 3DZephyr
– Limitations of 3DZephyr
– Users’ Insights on 3DZephyr

– Benefits of COLMAP
– Limitations of COLMAP
– Users’ Insights on COLMAP

3D printing is making waves! As this revolutionary technology continues to grow in popularity, so does the need to seamlessly transform tangible objects into digital models. For those of us who might lack the know-how or patience to design a 3D model from scratch, 3D scanning apps have come to our rescue. They offer the magic of capturing an object and converting it into a 3D rendition, which can then be edited in software or sent straight to a 3D printer.

Let’s explore some of the leading 3D scanner apps making headlines:

– Scandy Pro:
– Introduced in 2014, this iOS-friendly app turned your iPhone into a high-definition color scanner in no time.
– Uses the robust LiDAR technology which beams light to gauge distances.
– Note: It’s advisable to rotate the object being scanned rather than the camera for optimal results.

– Qlone:
– A universal app for both Apple and Android lovers. Features an intriguing method of scanning objects placed on a QR-like mat.
– The app cleverly interprets only what’s within a dome-like shape over the mat, ensuring a focused scan.

– Polycam:
– Heralded as one of the most sophisticated scanning apps thanks to its feature-rich offerings.
– Whether you’re taking snaps or scanning in real-time, Polycam has your back!

– Trnio:
– Exclusively for the iOS community, this app captures pictures, converting them into 3D models.
– From miniatures to expansive rooms, Trnio has demonstrated its versatility in scanning diverse object sizes.

Similarly, for those diving deeper into the 3D printing universe, there’s software specially designed for 3D scanning:

– Meshroom:
– Founded by European researchers with a vision of simplifying the 3D scanning process.
– Meshroom’s incorporation of the advanced Alice Vision framework is a game-changer.

– RealityCapture:
– Not just renowned among hobbyists, but also among game developers. Did you know it had a hand in the creation of Star Wars: Battlefield?

– 3DF Zephyr:
– This software stands out for its ability to deliver exceptional 3D scans using the photogrammetry technique.
– Its user-friendly interface ensures even novices feel right at home.

– A must-try for budding 3D scanning enthusiasts. Its easy-to-use approach makes it a favorite.
– This free software can be used with either a single camera or a multi-camera setup.

As you immerse yourself in the 3D printing world, you’ll discover the myriad of tools and software available. Here’s to creating, innovating, and printing your heart out!