Ultimate First Layer Calibration Guide & STLs!

The foundation layer is paramount in the realm of 3D printing. With this in mind, I’ve curated some top-notch calibration tests tailor-made for your initial layer. Dive in to discover which tests are the talk of the town in the 3D printing arena, and master their optimal application!


1. Initial Layer Experiment by xx77Chris77xx
2. Base Layer Analysis by Mikeneron
3. Real-time Bed Level Assessment by Jaykoehler
4. Starting Layer Calibration by Stoempie
5. Rectangle and Sphere by CBruner
6. Prusa Mk3 Surface Level/Beginning Layer File by Punkgeek
7. Integrated First Layer + Stickiness Test by R3DAD

The inaugural test offers a fundamental layer check to validate the uniformity of your printing bed. Consider scattering several of these forms on the bed for prime outcomes. It’s an elegant octagon blueprint. Clocking in at over 20,000 downloads, the straightforwardness of this model is perfect for gauging the overall demeanor of your 3D creation. A hobbyist mentioned that this blueprint aided in leveling his Prusa I3 MK3S gear using an amber PETG filament. Another enthusiast, after printing this on his Anet A8, was pleased with the glossy top finish at a layer height of 0.2mm. Have a look at the Initial Layer Experiment by xx77Chris77xx on Thingiverse.

The Base Layer Analysis by Mikeneron boasts an array of geometries to pick from for your 3D printer’s foundation layer. It’s vital to nail this starting layer, so I’d suggest commencing with elementary designs before escalating to intricate ones in the lineup. Crafted at 0.2mm, using an identical layer height delivers a singular layer. A user once remarked about the challenge of matte PLA filament adhering to the bed. However, post adjustments and intricate designs, he achieved impeccable foundational layers. And, he vowed to repeatedly use this for varying filaments to maintain top-notch layers. Find the Base Layer Analysis by Mikeneron on Thingiverse.

The Real-time Bed Level Assessment by Jaykoehler stands out with its multi-layered squares. As you venture into printing this, it grants the flexibility of adjusting the bed level mid-extrusion, ensuring that pristine first layer. No need to complete the entire model – once the layer appears firm and sticks, halt the test and get started with your primary print. A remark highlighted its utility in calibrating the bed, and now the user focuses solely on modulating speed and temperature. Another remarked on its precision for testing initial layer accuracy. Discover more about this dynamic On the Fly Bed Level Test on Thingiverse.

With the Starting Layer Calibration by Stoempie, get ready to scrutinize the precision of curved prints, ensuring seamless intersections. This intriguing test with overlapping circles and squares uncovers hidden glitches that might escape other tests. A user shared his success in achieving the perfect bed level for his Ender 3 Pro using this. Head over to find the Starting Layer Calibration by Stoempie on Thingiverse.

The Rectangle and Sphere test by CBruner is a literal interpretation – a box with a sphere inside. The circle accentuates any discrepancies clearer than the rectangle in the initial layer. A testimonial highlighted its potency in appraising X and Y belt strain and relative motor currents. Someone else mentioned its role in fine-tuning the bed level of his Ender 3. This gem of a test highlighted the need for adjustments in bed level height. Delve into this Rectangle and Sphere assessment on Thingiverse.

The Prusa Mk3 Surface Level/Beginning Layer File by Punkgeek is a reimagined version of the classic Prusa MK3. Several individuals expressed challenges even after bed calibrations with the primary design. This redefined test is expansive, covering key bed regions, allowing ample time for adjustments while in action. Users have touted this variant to be superior to the original. One even emphasized how this rendition should be the gold standard for initial layer examinations. Dive deep into the Prusa Mk3 Surface Level Test on Printables.

Lastly, the Integrated First Layer + Stickiness Test by R3DAD is a masterclass in calibrating for Nozzle offset, bed stickiness, curvature, and minor feature performance. This amalgamation of shapes scrutinizes all these aspects diligently. A user acclaimed its efficacy for verifying bed mesh calibrations, while another touted its brilliance for calibrating larger prints. Get hands-on with the Combined First Layer + Stickiness Test on Printables.