Top 20 Stunning 3D Benchys: Dive into Printing Perfection + Extras!

If you’re anything like me, technology enthusiast and 3D printing trainee, you’ve probably printed your fair share of the iconic 3D Benchy. But as time ticks, even the classics need a twist! Say goodbye to the mundane Benchy; I’ve put together a stellar list of the 20 most exciting 3D Benchys you absolutely must try, with some delightful extras thrown in. So, let’s embark on this exciting journey and give that 3D printer of yours a delightful treat. Whether you’re into filament or resin 3D printers, I’ve got something for everyone!


Without missing a beat, let’s delve deep into the Benchy universe:

1. 3D Benchy (Classic Reinvented)
2. Bathtub Odyssey Benchy (The Splashy Edition)
3. Benchy’s Grand Voyage
4. Ben the Buoyant Benchmarker (Yep, He Floats!)
5. Vintage Steamboat Display (Elegance on a Stand)
6. JUNA – The Amazonian Monarch (Benchy Style)
7. Benchy the Remote-Controlled Marvel
8. Sunken Treasures Benchy (Underwater Spectacle)
9. LEO’s Fishing Expedition (Bringing Stories to Life)
10. Throne of the Seas Benchy (For the Fans!)
11. Warrior Benchy (Ready for Battle)
12. The Wavy Benchy Ride
13. Shark-Infused Megalodon Benchy
14. Phantom Ship Benchy (No Support, All Spook)
15. BENCHY-209: The Future’s Here!
16. Groot’s Benchy Adventure
17. Mesmerizing Spiral Benchy
18. Bernie’s Chill Benchy Edition
19. Lacy Beauty Benchy (Exquisite Details!)
20. Aircraft Carrier Benchy Tribute

Diving right in, the Classic Reinvented 3D Benchy isn’t just any print; it’s the ultimate test for your 3D printer. If you nail this, you know you’re on the right trajectory. A staggering 2.5 million downloads on Thingiverse speaks volumes about its popularity. Designed with precision by the gifted CreativeTools team, this model needs no support, and using standard settings, you’ll have it ready in just about 2 hours. Truly a classic!

Taking a detour, the Bathtub Odyssey Benchy promises hours of splashing fun. Perfectly suited for kids or, let’s face it, playful adults, it comes adorned with delightful features. The ladder leading to the viewing deck, the delightful horn atop, and its resilience in water makes it a must-have. A little birdie (well, a 3D printing enthusiast like us) mentioned that a 0.1mm layer height makes it magical. Plus, you can play with the infill settings to get the perfect buoyancy. A real splashy treat!

And if that doesn’t float your boat, Benchy’s Grand Voyage will surely catch your eye. Picturing Benchy majestically sailing on a crafted wave, it’s not just a print; it’s a piece of art. While you’ll need to print the Benchy separately, the entire ensemble screams sophistication. Silk PLA seems to be a crowd favorite for this, so you might want to give that a whirl.

I could go on, my dear reader, but I’d rather you embark on this 3D printing voyage yourself. From the floating marvel that’s Ben, the elegance of JunA – The Amazonian Monarch, to the uber-cool BENCHY-209, each print promises to be a journey in itself. Dive deep, experiment, and let your 3D printer create these masterpieces. And remember, it’s not just about the end result; it’s the joy of creation. So here’s to many more Benchy adventures, happy printing!