Craft Your Tech: 31 Free 3D Prints for Stellar PC Accessories!

Hello there, dear reader! I’m Carolina, a tech enthusiast who can’t get enough of the latest gadgets and innovations. One of my most favorite topics? 3D printing! I mean, who isn’t fascinated by the idea of creating tangible objects with just a machine and a little creativity? Anyway, let me dive right into the realm of 3D printed accessories for computers and laptops. Trust me; you’ll be awestruck with some of the items on this list. So, let’s get started, shall we?


1. USB Wire Tidy
Gone are the days of tangled cables. These nifty organizers, inspired by the retro Nokia USB design, offer varying sizes to keep your cables in check. Designed by Petclaud.

2. Stackable USB Storage
No more scattered USBs! This is a versatile stackable holder ranging from mini USB to USB-C and even the USB 3.0 micro B. Created by ajitam.

3. Desk-Attached Tiny Compartments
A perfect spot for all those small tech bits like memory cards, earphones, and chips. Design genius? quanticchaos.

4. MacBook Geometric Elevator
Boost your laptop’s angle for an improved viewing experience. Originally for the MacBook Pro Retina, but remixable for other models. Thanks to Thmsdc for this!

5. RJ45 Ethernet Clip Fix
Snap! Broken Ethernet clip? No worries, 3D print a new one and click it in place. Guss67, you’re a lifesaver!

6. Raspberry Pi NAS Device
A single-board computer storage solution brought to life by araymbox. Technical? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely!

7. Cable Spiral Wrapper
Muzz64 gives us a sleek way to manage those long and messy cables. Neat and tidy has never been this easy.

8. Memory Card & Thumb Drive Vault
Misplaced SD cards and flash drives? Never again. Kudos to rzonnie!

9. Ethernet Cord Managers
Simple but ultra-effective cable management for any number of cords. Another brilliant piece by muzz64.

10. SD & Micro-SD Organizer Box
Snipou provides a nifty box to keep all your memory cards in order. Modify it to fit sim cards too!

And the list goes on. From FedorSosnin’s DIY mechanical keyboards to kilian987654321’s simple but essential laptop camera covers, the world of 3D printing never ceases to amaze.

Whether it’s muzz64’s incredible cable corners for safety and organization, selmo’s innovative toaster-shaped SD card case (yes, you read that right!), or Euro87’s must-have Apple Mouse charging hangar that cleverly evokes the sleek design of an aircraft, the possibilities seem endless.

Oh! And if you’re as hooked on 3D printing as I am, don’t forget to check out other compilations I’ve curated. Dive into fantastic items for gamers, wood-based designs, and even some handy items for the holidays. But for now, happy 3D printing! ️