Ultimate Anycubic Showdown: Zero, S, Mono SE & Mono X Unveiled!

Hey there, fellow tech enthusiast! It’s Carolina, your friendly guide in the electrifying world of 3D printing. With every evolving day, technology never ceases to amaze me, and I’m here to ensure you’re part of this journey. So, let’s take a deeper dive into the realm of Anycubic’s 3D printers!


Anycubic has indeed transformed the 3D printing landscape. Originating from Shenzhen, they have unveiled a collection of cost-effective and high-performance resin 3D printers, notably the Photon range. But, with such an impressive lineup, how do you pinpoint the perfect match for your printing dreams? Well, fret not! Today, I’ll break down four of the leading Photon printers, unraveling the nuances that set each one apart.

The Anycubic Photon Zero, S, Mono SE, and the Mono X are all marvels in their own right. But if I had to single out the crown jewel, it would undeniably be the Anycubic Mono X. It’s packed with features that dazzle any tech lover. However, it does come with a higher price tag, fitting its elite stature. On the flip side, if you’re eyeing top-tier quality but with a friendlier budget, the Anycubic Photon Mono SE, boasting the fastest printing speed among these models, is your go-to. The Photon Zero is your gateway to decent quality without breaking the bank, while the Photon S strikes a balance between quality and speed, standing proudly between its siblings.

Let’s dive deeper, shall we? As we explore each printer individually and then stack them up against one another, I hope you’ll be more equipped to make an informed choice.

Anycubic Photon Zero Review
Specifications of the Photon Zero
The Anycubic Photon Zero is a budget-friendly MSLA 3D printer that offers numerous advantages, albeit with certain trade-offs. Ideal for beginners, it’s a great stepping stone into the world of resin 3D printing. And while it has its limitations in print resolution, its compact and sturdy design is noteworthy, especially given its price point.

Anycubic Photon S Review
Specifications of the Photon S
Imagine the Anycubic Photon S as that trendy tech gadget everyone’s talking about. Priced reasonably, it delivers value with an array of features. As an upgraded sibling to the original Photon, it exudes precision and stability, with a dual-rail system that eliminates any hint of wobble.

Anycubic Photon Mono SE Review
Specifications of the Photon Mono SE
Released in 2020, the Photon Mono SE is a fusion of functionality and finesse. Its 6-inch 2K monochromatic LCD not only ensures swift printing but also consumes less power, contributing to its longer lifespan. With the convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity, this printer smoothly blends into the modern tech ecosystem.

Anycubic Photon Mono X Review
Specifications of the Photon Mono X
The Anycubic Photon Mono X is nothing short of a masterpiece. With a colossal build volume and unrivaled print resolution, it stands tall in the Anycubic lineup. It embodies the future of 3D printing with its 8.9-inch 4K monochrome LCD and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Differences Between the Photon Zero, S, Mono SE, Mono X

Features – Photon Zero, S, Mono SE, Mono X
The Photon Zero, although economical, is packed with handy attributes. Its signature orange UV-blocking lid and plastic vat are standout features, not to mention its simplified bed-leveling process. The Photon S, however, scales up in features, boasting a dual-rail system and matrix UV lighting. Photon Mono SE integrates the latest Matrix Parallel Light Source for uniform light distribution, while the Mono X, with its extensive build size and dual linear rails, is the epitome of design excellence.

Quality – Photon Zero, S, Mono SE, Mono X
Quality-wise, the Photon S and Mono SE hover in the same ballpark, with the Mono X stealing the spotlight. Its expansive build volume, combined with a top-tier LCD, makes it a must-have for those seeking superior quality.

Speed – Photon Zero, S, Mono SE, Mono X
When speed is of the essence, the Mono SE shines with its swift printing capabilities, courtesy of its 2K monochrome LCD screen. However, the Mono X isn’t far behind, making it a strong contender for those who prioritize both speed and quality.

Ease of Use – Photon Zero, S, Mono SE, Mono X
All Photon models prioritize user-friendliness, though there are nuances. The Zero and S keep things simple and straightforward. In contrast, the Mono SE and X, with their advanced touchscreens and Wi-Fi capabilities, redefine ease of use in the 3D printing realm.

Design – Photon Zero, S, Mono SE, Mono X
Each printer, while retaining the Anycubic charm, has its own design aesthetics. The Zero, with its compact frame, contrasts the sleek and more expansive Mono X. The Mono SE and S fall somewhere in between, blending compactness with modernity.

Price – Photon Zero, S, Mono SE, Mono X
Price points vary across the Photon range. The Zero, being the most budget-friendly, is closely followed by the Mono SE and S. The Mono X, with its premium features, understandably commands a higher price, aligning with its elite status.

Well, that was quite a tech-filled ride, wasn’t it? Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned 3D printing enthusiast, I hope this guide helps you in your quest for the perfect Anycubic Photon printer. Until next time, keep exploring, keep printing, and stay curious!