ANYCUBIC Photon S Review

In the thrilling world of resin-centric 3D printers, many have had reservations about their price tags often being heftier than their filament-based counterparts. Yet, the winds of change are blowing, ushering in an era of pocket-friendly yet top-tier SLA printers. Taking center stage in this evolution is the ANYCUBIC Photon S, an LCD-driven beast that skyrocketed in demand shortly after its introduction – and with just cause. Standing tall as a fan-favorite LCD SLA 3D printer, it’s an epitome of innovation.


This SLA 3D printer, driven by liquid resin and UV illumination, is a refined sibling of the iconic 2018-born ANYCUBIC Photon. Its crown jewel? The revamped Z axis configuration that establishes an unparalleled foundation for print precision.

Beyond its basic features, the Photon S boasts enhancements and functionalities that set it a cut above its predecessor, asserting its dominance in the 3D printing arena. Increasingly, enthusiasts are embracing or complementing their toolkit with resin 3D printers. Just as filament 3D printers once daunted many because of complexity and costs, the world of SLA printing is steadily becoming more accessible and affordable.

Let me guide you through a journey, painting a vivid picture of what you’re truly investing in with the ANYCUBIC Photon S.

Quick Dive-In:
– Z-axis Dual Linear Rail: A game-changer, eradicating wobbles, enhancing Z-axis precision, and ensuring stable prints.
– Air Filtration System: An impeccable dual-fan filtration system, upgraded from its predecessor, fitted with activated carbon to minimize odor spread.
– Enhanced UV Module: Equipped with a high-resolution screen and matrix UV lighting, it ensures uniform light distribution, achieving impeccable precision.
– Slicing Software: The new Photons Workshop is tailored for an elevated slicing experience, seamlessly compatible with the Photon series.
– Power Economy: Operating at a mere 50W, this printer is energy-efficient.
– Creative Steel Ball Leveling Structure: Simplifying the leveling process, ensuring optimum adhesion and print precision.
– Serenely Silent Printing: With a 39-decibel output, it operates as silently as your everyday household fridge.
– Touch Response Excellence: Navigating the printer with a swift, user-friendly interface makes the entire process a breeze.
– Resin Vat: Designed to hold a substantial amount of resin, ensuring a spill-proof experience.

– Razor-sharp, detailed prints.
– Assembly is a cinch with most parts pre-assembled.
– Dual fans and a revamped UV lighting system accelerates the printing process.
ANYCUBIC Photon S fosters an engaging community with abundant daily engagements.
– An efficient touch interface and included safety tools make the experience seamless.

– Priced noticeably higher than its predecessor.
– Resin can be relatively pricier than standard filament, yet it’s becoming increasingly affordable.
– Resin color palette is somewhat limited.
– Resin printing can be messy; ensure you’re working in a well-ventilated space.
– The included slicing software might appear basic to some; consider third-party alternatives.

– Printing technology: LCD-based SLA 3D Printer
– Light-source: UV integrated light (wavelength 405nm)
– XY DPI: 47um (25601440)
– Y-axis resolution: 1.25um
– Layer resolution: 0.025m – 0.1mm
– Printing speed: 20mm/h
– Printer dimensions: 230 x 200 x 400mm
– Printing volume: 115 x 65 x 165mm
– Connectivity: USB Port

Inside the Package:
– ANYCUBIC Photon S printer
– Resin vat & resin essentials
– Power adapter & USB cable
– Scraper and Toolset
– Protective gloves & user guide

Distinguishing the Photon Lineup:
While both Photon and ANYCUBIC Photon S are stellar performers, the Photon S emerges as a distinct build with a myriad of unique features. Despite the Photon S flaunting a plastic housing, its print quality remains uncompromised. The enhanced dual Z-axis and robust UV LCD offer shorter printing durations, making it a standout choice.

Customer Insights:
Ranked high among 3D printers on Amazon, the ANYCUBIC Photon S receives rave reviews, averaging a stellar 4.6 rating. Users continually laud its straightforward design, appreciating the effortless Z-axis installation. The integrated air filtration system gets a thumbs up for its odor-minimizing efficiency. Most users recommend third-party slicers for an optimized experience. Overall, the product earns a seal of approval for its reliability and output quality.

So, if you’re on the hunt for an SLA 3D printer, the ANYCUBIC Photon S stands out as a front-runner. While it might ask for a premium over the original Photon, the print quality it offers justifies every penny. Join countless satisfied customers and bring your 3D printing visions to life with unparalleled precision.