Top 7 UV Curing Stations: Perfect Finish for 3D Resin Prints!

Mercury Master Curing Hub


Kicking things off, let’s dive into the realm of standalone curing devices. Many enthusiasts of resin 3D printing, like me, vouch for the Mercury Master UV Curing Apparatus.

Designed with precision, this device focuses stable and uniform UV beams to solidify 3D creations crafted with photopolymer resins. The post-print curing stage not only adds sturdiness but also ensures the model is touch-friendly. Given its unmatched efficiency, the Mercury Master has won the hearts of many.

Its user-friendly LCD display positioned on the lid grants effortless control over the curing duration. With its crystal-clear viewing pane, you can safely observe your model during the curing phase.

Equipped with two LED strips holding a total of 14 UV LED lights, the device uses reflective interiors to guarantee an all-rounded curing for your masterpieces. Adding to the allure is its light-powered rotating base, ensuring uniform UV exposure. Users rave about the feather-touch controls, often mistaking them for touch-sensitive pads!

However, bear in mind that the Mercury Master is solely for curing, lacking washing components. But worry not, we’ll touch upon inclusive solutions later on.

Sol3D Pro-Cure Device
Next up, the Sol3D Pro-Cure Device is another commendable choice. Although less pricey than the Mercury Master, it holds its ground in terms of efficiency. It boasts 12 LED UV lights, but the cherry on top is an additional LED strip, ensuring no spot remains uncured.

Accompanied by a 360° spinning platform that relies on UV energy, there’s no need for external batteries. Simplified touch controls and reflective interiors further boost its appeal. Multiple time settings ensure flexibility, and the window offers a clear yet safe glimpse of the magic happening inside.

From personal chats, a friend remarked how the Sol3D Pro-Cure stood tall amidst its peers in the given price bracket.

Luminous UV Resin Healing Cube
The Luminous UV Resin Healing Cube works harmoniously with a variety of 3D printers, from LCD to DLP. Suitable for curing 405nm resins, it employs a UV light stripe with six powerful LEDs, ensuring flawless and swift results.

Enjoy a polished finish with this machine, which offers an intuitive timer for custom intervals. Its unique design minimizes risks of overexposure, while the built-in turntable maintains a steady 10 RPM pace, ensuring even curing. The optical filter ensures UV containment, and its after-sales service is the icing on the cake.

Ultra6W ResinSolidifying Lamp
Designed for time-efficient post-curing, the Ultra6W Lamp offers an economical yet effective solution. With its six potent 405nm UV LEDs, curing is a breeze.

Its 360° eco spinner, powered by either UV rays or sunlight, can handle models up to 500g. Thanks to UV energy sourcing, positioning it close to the lamp can enhance spin velocity. Safety-first though – wear UV-protective glasses!

Many DIY enthusiasts, including my buddy Sarah, use it as a core for their curing station, innovating with materials like reflective tape.

6W Luminator with Healing Chamber & Eco Spinner
While some lamps wear out in mere months, the Luminator promises over 10,000 hours of optimal performance. Its enclosed design shields you from direct UV exposure, yet I’d still recommend safety goggles.

Crafted from acrylic, the curing chamber efficiently blocks UV radiation. The green in me loves that these lamps lack mercury, making them environmentally conscious. Users admire the auto-spinning turntable and its battery-free operation.

Anycube Refine & Radiate
For top-notch UV curing, Anycube Refine & Radiate is hard to bypass. Its dual functionality – curing and ultrasonic washing – sets it apart. The sealed container allows for reuse of cleaning liquids.

It’s compatible with a plethora of 3D printers, courtesy of its 405nm and 305nm UV lights. A rotating platform ensures even exposure, and its auto-pause safety feature kicks in if the top is removed. The washing module comes with two modes, each enhancing cleanliness.

Mercury Elite Dual-Tasker
An upgrade from the Mercury Master, the Mercury Elite Dual-Tasker works with various 3D printers. Its dual-functionality of curing and washing, adjustable platform heights, and multiple washing modes make it a worthy investment.

A transparent hood keeps 99.95% of UV rays contained while allowing easy monitoring. Its advanced LED light frequencies and unmatched safety features make it a top pick for many, including me.

Anycube Refine & Radiate Vs Mercury Elite Dual-Tasker
Both these powerhouses are efficient allies for post-processing premium resin prints. Their similarities lie in their appearance and functions, making the selection challenging. However, the more budget-friendly Mercury, with its powerful 48W lights, steals my vote over the 25W Anycube.

So, folks, that’s my take on some of the best curing stations out there. Whether you’re a budget-conscious hobbyist or a professional aiming for the stars, there’s something for everyone.