Top 7 PETG Filaments: Perfect 3D Printing on a Budget & Beyond!

Hey there, tech enthusiasts! Carolina here, your go-to gal for everything tech. If you’re like me and always on the hunt for the next best thing, then 3D printing has definitely caught your eye. And if you’ve already dabbled in the world of PLA, you might be itching to explore PETG filaments. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a handy guide on some of the top PETG filaments that are currently winning the hearts of 3D printing fans everywhere. Let’s dive in!


Meet OVERTURE PETG – an offering from a brand boasting a solid 8 years in the game. Available in a rainbow of shades, from classic black and white to vibrant red, orange, and even light gray, it’s delivered in a thoughtfully vacuum-sealed aluminum pouch with desiccants. While the brand promises a bubble, clog, and tangle-free experience, a few might need to give it a quick dry before use. Some avid 3D printers have shared their love for this filament, especially after fine-tuning their settings.

Introducing CC3D PETG. Priced right and coming in a spectrum of 15 colors, including unique greens and a striking blue-gray, it boasts fantastic layer adhesion. But as with all things, double-check its dryness before diving in. Some find it a tad more brittle than its counterparts but its quality for its price point is undisputed.

SUNLU, founded in 2013, isn’t just known for its filament. With its own line of 3D printers and accessories, it’s committed to sustainability with spool refills. Their PETG range might be limited in colors but those who’ve tried them rave about the vibrancy, especially the neon green.

A pioneer since 2002, eSUN was the first to bring PETG filaments to the market. Their vast color palette and reasonable prices have garnered a loyal following. While it may take a bit of calibration, many 3D print lovers swear by its quality.

5. Prusament PETG ✨
Prusament PETG is in a league of its own. With 19 shades and a plethora of resources on their website, it sets a gold standard in the PETG world. While its price might be on the higher end, its unmatched quality often justifies the cost for many.

Venture into the world of ERYONE PETG. Their ever-evolving color offerings and UV-resistant properties make it a fan favorite. Weather-resistant with a smooth finish, it’s a fantastic choice for those looking to get started with PETG.

Last but certainly not least, PRILINE PETG. Known for its high performance and aesthetic appeal, their filaments, especially the black, have won praises far and wide. They also offer a Carbon Fiber PETG option for those seeking added stability.

Phew! That was quite a ride. I hope this guide helps steer you towards the perfect PETG filament for your next masterpiece. Remember, the world of 3D printing is vast and ever-evolving. Stay curious and happy printing!