3D printing sites in Minneapolis

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to share with you all about 3D printing in Minneapolis. This amazing city is home to some of the most cutting-edge 3D printing technology in the world, so you’ll definitely want to check it out. From 3D printing services, to 3D printers and 3D printing materials, Minneapolis has it all! I’m here to help you navigate your way through the world of 3D printing and find the perfect solution for you. So come join me on my 3D printing journey in Minneapolis, and let’s get printing!


These are the best 3D printing sites in Minneapolis

Cubic 3D LLC

Phone: (320) 250-3887
Website: cubic3dprinting.com


Wellstronics3D L.L.C.

Address: 6685 Cahill Ave, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076
Phone: (612) 587-2812
Website: wellstronics3d.com



Address: Skyway Level, 811 Lasalle Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone: (612) 340-1111
Website: alphagraphics.com

Twin Cities Maker

Address: 3119 E 26th St, Minneapolis, MN 55406
Phone: (612) 293-6253
Website: tcmaker.org

Twin Cities Maker-3d-printing

ARC Document Solutions

Address: 4730 Park Glen Rd, St Louis Park, MN 55416
Phone: (952) 697-8800
Website: e-arc.com


Stacker 3D

Address: 9303 Plymouth Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55427
Phone: (763) 331-0275
Website: stacker3d.com


3D Printing in Minneapolis: What You Need to Know

3D printing is a process of creating three-dimensional objects from a digital file. It is one of the most versatile manufacturing technologies available today and is being used to create products of all shapes, sizes, and complexity. In Minneapolis, there are a variety of businesses and organizations that offer 3D printing services.

  1. Companies: There are a number of businesses in Minneapolis that specialize in 3D printing. Companies such as Protolabs, Stratasys, and EOS provide 3D printing services to a variety of industries. These companies can help with design, prototyping, production, and more.
  2. Maker Spaces: Maker Spaces are rapidly becoming popular in Minneapolis. These are places where people can come together to work on projects and learn more about 3D printing. The Minneapolis Maker Space provides access to 3D printers, materials, and expertise to help people create their own projects.
  3. Education: 3D printing can be an interesting and educational experience for students of any age. The University of Minnesota has a 3D printing lab that offers classes and materials for students to learn about and use 3D printing.
  4. Resources: There are a number of online resources to help with 3D printing in Minneapolis. Sites like 3D Hubs, 3D Printing Forum, and 3D Printing World offer news, articles, and forums to discuss 3D printing projects.
  5. Safety: 3D printing is a relatively safe process, but there are some safety considerations to keep in mind. It is important to use the right materials and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It is also important to wear protective gear such as safety glasses and a respirator to protect against particles and fumes.

Maximising Your Skills in the City of Minneapolis

The City of Minneapolis offers a range of services and resources to help residents maximize their skills. The city’s CareerForce website provides links to resources for job seekers, including job boards, training programs, and resume and cover letter writing assistance. The city also offers a variety of career exploration and job readiness classes, as well as a range of apprenticeship and internship opportunities. Minneapolis also has a number of career centers that provide personalized career counseling and job search guidance. Additionally, the City of Minneapolis offers a range of programs to help residents who need additional support in order to transition into the workforce. These programs include job skills training, job placement assistance, and job retention services.

3D printing in Minneapolis is an exciting industry with lots of potential. With a wide range of businesses, schools, and makerspaces offering 3D printing services, there’s something for everyone. From small businesses to large enterprises, 3D printing can provide solutions to many problems and accelerate the development of new products. With the abundance of resources available, Minneapolis is one of the best places to explore the world of 3D printing. So if you’re looking to get into 3D printing, Minneapolis is the place to go!