3D printing sites in Louisville

Welcome to the exciting world of 3D printing in Louisville! As a 3D printing expert, I’m here to tell you that 3D printing technology has revolutionized the way businesses and consumers alike create products. From customizing existing products to creating completely new ideas, 3D printing has opened up a world of possibilities. In Louisville, 3D printing is being used in a variety of industries, from manufacturing to healthcare to education.

From creating custom-designed prosthetics to printing intricate models for classroom instruction, 3D printing is making a huge impact in this city. With access to the latest 3D printing technology and materials, Louisville is on the cutting edge of 3D printing innovation.

These are the best sites for 3D printing  in Louisville

Taurus 3D

Address: 4204 Morgan Jaymes Dr, Louisville, KY 40299
Website: taurus3d.com



Able Quality Printing

Address: 4550 Poplar Level Rd, Louisville, KY 40213
Phone: (502) 968-4252

3 Space

Address: 1800 Cobalt Dr, Louisville, KY 40299
Phone: (502) 855-7222
Website: 3space.com


3D Printing Academy for Girls

Address: 1300 W Muhammad Ali Blvd, Louisville, KY 40203
Phone: (502) 480-8339
Website: 3dprintingacademyforgirls.com


3D printing in Louisville is an exciting and cutting-edge technology that is quickly becoming a reality. Louisville is home to a growing number of innovative 3D printing businesses and makerspaces that are making it easier than ever to access 3D printing technology. From 3D printing custom parts and prototypes to 3D printing entire products, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re in Louisville and interested in getting involved in the 3D printing revolution, now is the perfect time to jump in! With a variety of 3D printing resources, makerspaces, and businesses, Louisville is the perfect place to start your 3D printing journey. Start exploring today and unlock the full potential of 3D printing technology!